Thursday, September 24, 2009

Chocolate yogurt recipe

Chocolate Yogurt or Drinkable Chocolate Yogurt

2 cups plain fat free yogurt (You can get 32 oz. for only $1.57 at Walmart)
4T Cocoa Powder
sweetener to taste, I use half sugar and half splenda
1 tsp. vanilla

No milk or a Tablespoon or so of milk for consistency if you are making regular yogurt. If you want drinkable yogurt, add about a cup of milk or as much as you need to make it a chocolate milk consistency.

We mix this in the blender, but you can probably mix it by hand, as well, as long as you can get the cocoa powder to dissolve completely.

I'm going to try adding a little flax seed next time and see if anyone notices! I added it to my homemade granola bars tonight and they taste exactly the same, so I'm sure the kids won't even know.

Jen, we also flavor this plain fat free yogurt with dry jello mix and a little sweetener. It is so much cheaper than the little cups of flavored yogurt and delicious with some homemade granola.


Denise said...

I'd be careful with the flax; it's a whole lot harder to hide it in yogurt than it is in granola bars! Nick put flax in the turkey burgers he made for me the other day, and it was awful! It changed the whole consistency and it felt like he'd mixed vaseline in with the meat! :)

Mom of 7 said...

Ew! Turkey burgers are gross enough without a vaseline texture!!! I mix it into smoothies without a problem, so I thought it might work in yogurt, too. Now I'm afraid to try and ruin some perfectly delicious chocolate yogurt!

Denise said...

That's good that your kids don't notice it in smoothies; mine refused to drink their smoothies when we added flax.

I love turkey burgers, but they have to be Nick's. He puts all sorts of good veggies in them, you ONIONS! Yum. Just leave out that flax!!