Saturday, February 28, 2009

Blog before the chaos

I am the only one up! More importantly, I am already ahead of where I was yesterday. I'm dressed, shoes on and have a load of laundry going, which is more than I accomplished all day yesterday. I feel so much better!

Back to work...I'll try to post more later on the progress in Steven/Shauna's room, if I'm not too exhausted!

Friday, February 27, 2009

Easy day

Mike was home today because he had a doctor appointment this morning. We went out to lunch, which was nice and not so nice. For some reason, Mike thought it would be a good idea to read and answer his work emails on his Blackberry while we were there. That left me feeling like I was there alone and gazing aimlessly around the restaurant with nothing to do. I noticed a woman eating by herself and felt like her, but at least she had a newspaper read! I was upset about that, but then I was really upset when I told him that I was not happy with him being on the Blackberry and ignoring me, he still didn't get off. When he finally decided to stop working, it got a bit better, but I was still feeling badly about being ignored. The food was really good, so that was a plus.

After getting home, I wasted a bunch of time on the computer and then took a nap. Then I watched some television with Shauna and came back to the computer to waste more time! Wow, what a productive day. Other than clearing off the counters, I did no housework today. Tomorrow, we have plans to clean out Steven's old room for Shauna, so I'm sure I will more than make up for being so lazy today.

At least the weather was warm today, around 70, but cloudy and a bit windy. It is supposed to get chilly and rainy tomorrow, which stinks because we are supposed to have outdoor hockey in the early afternoon. I don't think that is going to happen. Oh well, that will leave more time to clean Steven's room, which I'm sure we'll need!

Thursday, February 26, 2009


This blog is all about keeping track of what is happening now and jotting down things I remember that happened before I started blogging. For some reason something one of my kids used to say when he was very little (under two) just popped into my head and I want to get it down before I forget. He will not be happy with me for this, but I just won't mention who the son is that said this and it will be alright...hopefully. If, in the course of reading the quote, you happen to just, um, figure out who the person is, I have no control over that!

"Jackie don't yike it!"

While I'm at it, here are a few more quotes from the same child.

"Mommy, you are so wufernal!"

"Mommy, I can't azist you."

Ah, the good old days.

Yearbook nominations

Alex is in 8th grade, very outgoing and one of the "popular" kids. Hmm, I was totally the opposite when I was in school. I was incredibly quiet, introverted and popular only with my small, select group of friends. It is kind of weird to have a kid like him and yet, he and I get along really, really well. We have a very close relationship and spend a lot of time together, mostly just talking.

In his schools yearbook, they have those most things. You know, most popular, etc. Well, Alex got nominated for 5 of them this year! He was nominated for most stylish (none of his friends know we shop at thrift stores and spend next to nothing for his clothes!), most unforgettable, most talkative, drama king and reality star (whatever that means). They are only allowed to be nominated for 2 things so he had to pick 2. He picked drama king and reality star, even though he also has no idea what reality star means!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Catch up blog

My fans are getting restless and several have been asking me to post. I'm not really sure if they are really fans or just want to know what is going on around here! I've just been feeling really lazy about posting recently. I guess it might be the chilly weather, since it has only been in the 40's and I don't like it at all. It is supposed to be 65 tomorrow and 67 on Friday, so maybe that will perk me up.

CUP's friend, Janine, was here and we had a wonderful visit with her. We talked a lot and laughed a lot! Mike, CUP, Janine, Alex, Hannah, Shauna, and I went to see Uncle Chuck's band play in Richmond on Saturday night. We had to pick Mikey up from the airport in Newport News (opposite direction from Richmond, of course) at 7 pm. We didn't end up getting to the airport until 7:20, due to problems with getting the seats back into the van. The band started at 9 pm, so we went straight there and got there just before they started. The bad part was that the restaurant/bar was completely full! Every table was taken and the server told us that they weren't expecting anyone to leave anytime soon, since they were all there to see the band. Great for the band, bad for us. The three little kids went to sit with their cousins, Cathy and Chas, but there was no where for the adults to sit. Since we hadn't had dinner and were starving by then, we decided to head down the street to one of my favorite restaurants, TGI Fridays. At first, I was really not happy and thrown off by the change in plans, but after we got to TGIF and got seated pretty quickly, I realized that it was for the best. It was relatively quiet in there and we got to sit and talk, with no kids around. That doesn't happen often! The food was really delicious (Yum!) and we had some great adult conversation.

After we finished eating, we headed back to see the band. When we got back, a few people had left and the band was still going to be playing for a little over an hour. We got a table right in front of the band (which I hated, more on that later!). It was nice to hear the band, but sort of sucked because we couldn't really talk anymore. Mike's sister, Roni, brought a birthday cake to celebrate Chuck's birthday, but I was too stuffed from TGIF to even taste it. It is rare that I pass up a cake offer! The kids were having a great time. They love to go there because they get to sit alone and be as silly and loud as they want and they don't bother anyone. Shauna got a little bored after a while, but that is to be expected. She was happy that its a sports bar and they have a ton of televisions in there and Sponge Bob was on, but she couldn't hear it. Next time she wants to bring Luke's PSP or her DS for when she gets bored. Her cousin, Chas, had his with him and he and Shauna are a lot alike!

I almost forgot to say why I didn't like sitting so close. No, it wasn't too loud. The singer is the reason I didn't want to sit close. He is the type that comes out in the audience and holds the microphone up to people to make them sing and he also sings to people. Being someone who doesn't like to be noticed, I HATE that. Okay, once Mike and I had really close seats at an Aerosmith concert and then still hot, Steven Tyler sang a chorus right to me, and I really liked that, but that was an exception to the rule! Anyway, the singer came up to me, took my hand and sang to me. I was so embarrassed, I have no clue what he was even singing. I just wanted to melt and make myself into a big puddle under the table. I told Alex about it later and he was really mad that he didn't see it! The funny part was that I had already sort of discussed this with Alex. I told him if the singer came up to me and tried to get me to sing, I was going to grab my pop and start drinking like crazy. Unfortunately, it didn't work out that way!

After the band finished up, we headed home. Normally I hate the long ride home (an hour and 15 minutes or so), but this time it was fun and went by really quickly. We talked and laughed (a lot) all the way home. There were a lot of "that's what she saids", some goofy discussions and some serious discussions. It was probably the most laughing-type fun I've had in a long time.

On another, less interesting subject, I finally got my new washing machine! Yay! CUP, Steven and two of his housemates, Will and Chris came over to help move it in from the van. They started before CUP arrived and I had several moments of sheer terror as they were unwilling to wait and just ripped the extremely heavy washer out of the van, without a plan or anything. Steven couldn't help much because of his dog bite and so only Will and Chris were doing it. It started to slip out of Will's hands and they almost dropped it on the ground and all I could picture was $1018 flying out the window! Then they just whipped up the driveway and stairs with it, with no regard to being careful at all. It took at least 15 minutes after they were gone for my heart rate to get back to normal! I'm actually starting to feel anxious, just typing this up. Plus Steven was in rare form and kept yelling at me. All in all, they were only here for about 10 minutes, but it was 10 minutes too long for me! At least Chris and Will were nice to me. Chris asked me how I could stand having Steven live with me because he is so loud. In fact, he said his girlfriend had to get ear plugs now that they are living in the same house! I had to laugh because I never really noticed that he was loud, you have to be pretty loud in a large family setting, or you won't get heard above the din.

Sunday, February 22, 2009


Me: "Yes, we do, thanks to your wonderful mom."

Alex: "Oh, we have one of those?"

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Out the door

On my way out to go on a group date with Mikey (if his flight gets in on time!), Jack, Janine, and the little kids.

Friday, February 20, 2009


It is 10:30 pm and I'm just making dinner now. I also just got back from grocery shopping. I am also getting a cold (thanks to Alex and CUP). Ugh for all three of these things.

The good news is that Janine arrived safe and sound from PA! I got to sit and talk to her for a short while before I went grocery shopping. I also got to watch quite an interesting game of Halo. I've heard the sounds from it coming through my family room ceiling from CUP'S room, but I'm pretty sure I've never seen it actually played.

The other good news is that Mikey FINALLY comes home from Las Vegas after almost 2 weeks! Yay! We are going on a date with most of the kids and our kid for the next few days, Janine, tomorrow night. We are going to pick Mike up from the airport and then head straight to Richmond to see my brother-in-law's band. It should be a lot of fun. I just hope that I'm not feeling too badly from this cold, since I am the designated driver.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Quick post

I have to make a quick dinner and then go pick Alex up from theater class. He got a scholarship to go to a performing arts school and he started yesterday. He is very excited. He took classes there about a year and a half ago, but had to stop after 6 months because we just couldn't afford it. They now have scholarships for boys only and he applied for and got one. We are still waiting to see exactly what classes they are going to let him take. So far, he is just in musical theater. He is hoping for dance and voice lessons, as well.

I had Shauna's IEP meeting yesterday morning and she got approved for an IEP! Yay! I was really lucky to have the support of a teacher who has known her since kindergarten, as well as the school social worker and psychologist, who just happen to be married to each other and friends of mine! After all the testing was done, it was determined that her IQ is on the higher side of average. However, she has a severe math disability, that only 1% of the population has. Ugh. She also has a lot of memory issues, probably due to prenatal alcohol exposure. I'm so happy she is getting the IEP because she will be in middle school next year and will not survive there without one. I just hope she gets the same special ed case manager that Hannah has this year.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My kids are making fun of me!

Alex and Shauna were making fun of me tonight. Everything I did, they narrated it, like this:

"Oh, I'm putting meatballs on my plate. I'm going to blog about this."

"I'm pouring milk. I'm going to blog about this."

"I'm sitting down with my dinner. I'm going to blog about this.", etc. etc. etc.!

Then, a few minutes after they stopped making fun of me, Shauna was practicing for her science project presentation. She was speaking quickly and it sounded like she said, "Jesus cleaned the pennies" (she actually said juice cleaned the pennies). I said, "Jesus cleaned the pennies? I'm going to blog about this!" She laughed and said, "Have you heard of privacy, Mom?"

Freecycle Offer

This was in my email today. I wonder if this mom was having a bad day???

[WilliamsburgVAFreecycle] OFFER: Children

Quotes of the day

"Let's get some of those.....things to serve the meatballs." (I make a hand motion, like I'm using tongs, since I can't remember the name)--Me

"Oh, you mean tonsils?"--Shauna


"Don't take a really long shower because water is expensive, plus we are trying to save the planet."--Me

"We're trying to save the planet???"--said by a wide-eyed, shocked-faced Hannah

Dog bite update

I took Steven to the hand specialist today. He said that the finger looks good and there was no tendon damage, so it should heal just fine. If he can't make a fist in the next 7 days, he will have to go for physical therapy.

After we got put in an exam room and the nurse left, Steven, in typical Steven-fashion, wasn't able to just sit still and wait for the doctor. Normally, he has to open each drawer and cabinet and touch everything. He usually puts on gloves, plays with tongue depressors, you name it. I am always embarrassed and yelling at him to stop. He, of course, thinks its amusing. Well, today, he headed straight for the brochure display and started reading breast augmentation pamphlets! Ugh! Well, at least that was better than what he usually does and I was able to get him to put it back before the doctor came in.

The doctor was kind of a jerk, I would never go back to him. He told Steven to make a fist. Duh, making a fist really hurts, his finger is still very swollen and black and blue. Steven said he couldn't and the doctor took the finger and forced it into fist position, while Steven grimaced and gasped at the pain. He didn't even warn him, just pushed it really fast. Then he told Steven to try it himself and Steven did it slowly. Then he smirked and sarcastically said, "Wow, amazing how you can do it after I do it for you." Then at the end, Steven asked when he could go back to work and the doctor was snotty about that, too. He made it sound like Steven was trying to get out of going back to work and wanted a note to say he could stay out longer. Steven told him it was the opposite, that he had just moved out and needed the money, so he wanted to go back to work as soon as possible. The guy was just a jerk, I hate when doctors act like that.

Monday, February 16, 2009


The kids were off school today and Steven invited Hannah and Shauna over to spend a few hours at his new place. They were thrilled to get to play with Sassy and to spend some time playing video games with their brother. It was a great break for me, also, since I had grounded Hannah from playing with her friends until after 2 pm today. She would have driven me crazy all day, trying to get me to let her out earlier. Alex had play practice at school. After I dropped the girls off at Steven's, I came home and baked a treat for everyone.

I took Steven grocery shopping last night. It wasn't his first time grocery shopping, but it was his first time grocery shopping for himself! I even took a picture, even though I was embarrassed because everyone looked when it flashed. The cashier asked if he was on vacation. He told her no and then explained that he moved out and was shopping for the first time and she said, "I hope it doesn't snow." What the hell was that? The only thing I can think of is that she had that in her head to say if we were here on vacation (since we have had a few flurries) and it just popped out. If not, I'm not sure what snow, grocery shopping, and moving out have in common!

Now Steven's friend, Will, his roommate, wants me to take him shopping and help him pick out what he needs because he has no idea. His mom lives in Florida and his dad isn't any help. I'm going to do that and set them each up with a budget plan and some easy recipes. Maybe I will have them over for a cooking lesson! Will is really nice, so I hope things work out with the two of them being together in such a small space.

Speaking of nice, Steven has been awesome since he moved out! Now, I'm not stupid, I've been around the block a time or two (or a thousand) with that kid and I know this won't last forever. I am really enjoying it now, though, and hoping it doesn't all come crashing down anytime soon. He has been extremely respectful and polite to me and calls me several times a day. I guess he must be a little homesick, even though he would never admit it!

Sunday, February 15, 2009


Mikey called and told me he was walking down The Strip and everywhere he looked, there were couples. He felt lonely and missed me. I felt bad for him, but it also felt great to be missed!

Quote of the day

Mom, Alex and Hannah are in the car, listening to a muffler commercial on the radio....Hannah says, "Hey, its Obama!"

In her defense, the guy doing the voice over did sound like Obama.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day

Even though Mike is in Las Vegas, he hid some Valentine cards and treats for his girls with Luke. This morning we were presented with cards and candy. Thank you, Mikey! His being in Las Vegas for the weekend is the reason we celebrated last Saturday at Red Lobster. I am jealous, though, he had dinner tonight at Aurelio's Pizza. There are actually two in the area and we went to both when we were there last month. Aurelio's originated in Homewood, IL and is one of our favorite Chicago pizza places. He even sent me a picture of his pizza and his appetizer, which was fried ravioli. It looked delicious! Not to be outdone, we are having homemade lasagna tonight, that I made at Christmas time and put in the freezer. It may take forever to cook, however, since I forgot to take it out of the freezer until this afternoon.

Alex and Shauna surprised me by making some brownies today. I asked them to set the oven timer for 30 minutes because I wanted to take a short nap and then shower because we were going to Steven's new house for a little while. Apparently they decided to make brownies while I was sleeping and kept setting my timer for longer so they could be done before I woke up! I guess I got a little bonus nap time and I'm not complaining.

They cut the brownies with a heart shaped cookie cutter and put some on a fancy platter to take to Steven, which I thought was nice. Steven appreciated it and even hugged Shauna (although he called her Skeletor!). He also hugged me when I was leaving!

He and Will have been working on their room and it looks really nice. He even made his bed, which believe me is a total first for him! Poor Sassy is still scared about being in a new place and spends most of her time in the closet when she isn't hanging with Steven on his bed. I hope she gets used to it soon, I feel so bad. Steven's finger looks a bit better today. The swelling has gone down a bit and it isn't visibly throbbing anymore.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Cats, hysterics, and dog bites

Well, yesterday started out normal and turned into quite an eventful day. First of all, Steven was on day two of moving out. He came over to get some clothes and a few other things, like a cat. I mentioned before that he was going to take Booty-Boy (aka Spaz) to live with him. Well, that didn't quite work out because we couldn't get Booty into the cat carrier. Not even with a catnip bribe. So, we tried a box, but that didn't work out, either. There were four of us and we could not get this cat anywhere near the box or carrier. It was actually quite funny and CUP, Luke, Steven and I were having a good laugh, much to Shauna's dismay! While we were trying to stuff 20 pounds of furious orange and white fluff into a container, Shauna was in the room sobbing and screaming because Steven was taking Booty. She was really hysterical, so I was trying to calm her down at the same time as we were trying to wrestle the cat. Hannah and Alex were already in bed and had no idea anything was even going on, although, how they slept through all that noise is beyond me.

Since Shauna was so upset and we couldn't get Booty in the box, anyway, Steven asked Shauna if she would be happier if he took Sassy (aka Fridge Cat, Kitchen Cat or Cabinet Cat) (No, none of our cats have one name, like normal people's cats!), instead. Shauna said she would still miss Sassy, but she would be a little better with Sassy going instead of Booty. So now she was still sobbing, but the screaming stopped. First they put Sassy into the box, but then as they were taping it shut, she crawled out. So, they put the carrier out and Sassy, being the most laid back cat on the planet, just walked right into it. She had to be pushed a little to go all the way in, but it went really smoothly. So, Steven left with his clothes and his cat. It took me a while to calm Shauna down, but she had taken her melatonin and was getting tired, so that helped. Steven had told her that she could come visit Sassy anytime, so she was already making plans to go every day to see the cat!

After I got Shauna into bed, I decided to watch some television and crochet for a little while. CUP had taken Steven to his new "crib" and was going to help get the cat settled and check out the new house. About an hour or so later, CUP came home and told me that Steven's new house is very nice and the people who live there are very nice and that Steven had gotten bitten by one of the dogs. These dogs seem to be really nice dogs, but one of them was eating a cigarette butt and Steven didn't want him to get sick or choke on it. He put his hand out and said, "drop it" and the dog bit him. He is used to our dog and we trained him from a puppy to let people touch him and his food, so he doesn't bite, even when the kids pry his mouth open to get things out (which happens more often than you would think!). This dog got upset and sunk his teeth into Steven's middle finger. He has one pretty serious cut and several other puncture wounds. One of his housemates had a first aid kit, so he cleaned the cut very well and while I knew Steven would have to at least go to the doctor since it was a dog bite, I thought it could wait until today.

When I got to Steven's house today, it had begun to swell, but didn't look infected at all, which was great. Steven called the doctor's office said they couldn't handle a dog bite and we needed to go to the ER. By the time we waited and waited and waited and finally got it to see the doctor, it had swollen up quite a bit more. The doctor said that had he come in last night, he would have gotten stitches, but it was too swollen at this point. He took an x-ray, which I'm assuming was negative because he didn't tell us anything more about it. He put Steven on two antibiotics, gave him instructions about cleaning it and keeping it very dry and told him he has to go to a hand specialist right away on Monday to have it checked further. He also told us what the danger signs are if it starts getting infected, which he said may still occur, even though it has been well-cleaned. Animal Control will also have to be notified, as mandated by law. I just hope that the dog is truly current on his shots (as the owner's say he is) because if he isn't, they will quarantine the dog for 10 days. Probably not the best way to start a relationship with new housemates! The doctor also said that Steven can't work for at least a week, so I'm not sure how he is going to be able to pay his rent. Steven's boss is really mad because Valentine's Day is one of their busiest days and they were counting on everyone working that weekend.

So now Steven is back at his place and I am home, completely exhausted and fighting a headache. I took ibuprofen a few hours ago and it is still hurting. I don't get headaches very often, so this is a little weird for me. I think I just need a really good night's sleep.

A quick moving update-more tomorrow

I have to go to bed, but this was funny and I wanted to blog it before I forgot. Steven came home to eat because, of course, food was one of the things he didn't realize he needed. Oh, and he needed to take some clothes because, remember, he had only taken the essentials like television and stereo yesterday.

He ate and was sitting with us in the family room, watching tv. All of a sudden, he looks around at all of us and says, "You aren't doing a very good job of welcoming me to your house." I said, "WHAT???" He said, "You know, I'm a guest here now and you aren't entertaining me or anything." My reply was, "You've only be gone for 10 minutes!"

More funny stuff happened, but that will be a blog for tomorrow.

Thursday, February 12, 2009


So I guess we are uninvited to Steven's "new crib" tonight. I called and he has some friends over. He also doesn't want us to come over all at once. I said I would only bring Hannah, Shauna and Alex and he said that was too many. What??? It is a house, not a cardboard box, I think we'll all fit. I grew up in a house that was probably about 900 square feet and we used to have huge parties all the time. So I guess we'll see what happens.

Apparently he helped himself to at least one, probably two pairs of Alex's skinny jeans, so I have to go over to at least retrieve those before he loses them. Maybe Jack and I will take a run over tomorrow before he goes to work. I think I'll fill a couple of garbage bags with the dirty clothes he left here. They could be a sort of housewarming gift!

Quote of the day

"So you aren't doing your job as mother, again?"--Alex

(This was after he asked what we were having for dinner and I said, "I don't know, what are you making?")

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moving update

Steven just called and invited me over to see his new house and meet his housemates. I told him that I was sure Hannah and Shauna would want to come and they aren't home, so we are going to go over tomorrow, instead. He also wanted me to bring his cat over. He wants to take Booty-Boy with him. They already have an indoor cat and two dogs and the couple he is renting from thinks another cat to hang around with theirs is a good idea. I just don't think I can bear having a son and a cat move out on the same day! Those of you who are snickering and thinking, "She's going to miss the cat more than the boy.", can just be quiet now!!!!

Steven, age 11 months, 2/10/91

Steven, age 17 months, 8/23/91

#3 is moving out

Steven and his friend, Will, started moving Steven's things out today. They took the most 'important' stuff, his entertainment center, tv, and stereo. He left his dirty laundry, surprise, surprise. Another surprise, he doesn't know his new address and doesn't know if the house is air conditioned. He hasn't given a thought to things like towels, toothpaste, soap, shampoo, etc. All the things he took for granted while he lived here. This is going to be very interesting!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Quote of the day. Kids These Days Edition.

Hannah: For homework, I have to write down ten abbreviations, like GTG (got to go), LOL (laughing out loud), BFF (best friends forever).

Shauna: WTF (If you don't know what that stands for, I guess you won't get the joke!)

Just a regular day so far

I cleaned 4 garbage bags full of hockey jerseys out of the main floor linen closet today. There are still enough left in there to fill another bag, but those are ones that we use or the kids want to hang on their walls, once they are painted. If they ever get painted! I can't bring myself to give any away yet, so for now, I will have the boys put them in one of the attics. Now we actually have room for towels and sheets in the linen closet, yay! I still have the bottom part to clean out, there are two bins down there that have all kinds of stuff we don't use. There are probably a bunch more jerseys and hockey pants in there, too, I wouldn't be surprised. While I'm not happy I didn't finish it, I am happy that I at least made a huge dent. Plus, I cleared out two nice plastic bins with covers that I can stuff other junk into! Yesterday I heard a quote from Martin Luther King that is going to be my new motto. It was about having faith, but I think it can be applied to so much more. Part of the quote is "You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step". I'm going to apply that to my battle with clutter!

I had to take Drew to his physical therapy appointment today and I crocheted while I waited in the car. I got quite a bit done, since he was in there for an hour, so I'm happy with that. I need to get this afghan finished in a month and I don't want to have to stress out at the last minute. I guess I could give up reading and devote that time to crocheting, but....nah! After the therapy appointment, I took him directly to work, which saved on gas and that is always good.

Luke put a new, key-lock door knob on my bedroom door today. Thank you, Lukey! This is to keep the riffraff out! I have decided that I will no longer allow kids to use the master bathroom. My stuff is always disappearing and there are always wet towels and dirty clothes all over the floor and I'm really tired of it. Plus, they are always dropping things down my drain, clogging my toilet, and finding the things that I hide from them. They also let the cats in my room, as they go in and out, so this will eliminate some of that. Now the problem is trying to figure out a way for me to keep the keys secure, have easy access to them, and not lose them! That is going to be a huge challenge for me.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Hannah's blankie and other misc. pics

This is what Hannah's blankie used to look like.

Now it looks like this! The top piece was just washed (which she was furious about!). The bottom piece is filthy and disgusting, just the way she loves it!
Wrigley checking out the trying-to-sleep cat on Luke's lap

Super Bowl chili dip, good while it lasted!

Super Bowl super-mini pizzas

People everywhere

It is in the 70's today! I drove Drew to work and there are people everywhere. The huge park at the end of our subdivision was packed with people. Our neighborhood always has tons of people jogging or walking dogs, even when it is cold, but even more were out today.

Mike and Shauna washed Luke's car, Mike's car and my van today. Shauna wanted to wear a bathing suit, but I drew the line at bathing suits in February. Even if it is warm out, no bathing suits!

Shauna in front of Luke's sparkling clean car. Now all he needs is a license so he can drive it!

Mikey washing my van

Date Night

Mike took me to Red Lobster last night for Valentine's Day. I know it is a week early, but he is going to Las Vegas on Tuesday and will be there next weekend. The bad part is, I can't go this time. Wah. It would be perfect, too, since he will be off the entire weekend! Last time, we had so much fun, but we only got to spend a few hours together each day. Oh, well, we don't have enough frequent flyer miles until after this trip (of course) and it was too expensive to buy a ticket.

So, anyway, Red Lobster was really nice. The food was very delicious and we had a nice time. I have to figure out how to make those garlic/cheese biscuits they serve. I've made the copycat ones with Bisquick, but they aren't the same. I wonder if I could find a copycat recipe with yeast? I'll have to check it out. I had two strawberry daiquiris and they were so good! I haven't had one in ages, not counting the one in Las Vegas, which wasn't very good and was only a few sips anyway.

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Me and my big mouth

Oh great, I jinxed us! Yesterday, I was talking to my mom on the phone. Hannah had been home from school on Thursday and Friday. She had bad stomach aches, along with an occasional headache. I told my mom that we were really lucky this winter (yes, I did knock on wood, since I was standing in front of the fireplace mantel, trying to get warm). Winter is almost over here and we hadn't had any illness to speak of, other than a couple of colds.

Fast forward to last night, as poor Luke spends the entire night vomiting. I felt so bad for him, he really had a hard time of it. He is feeling slightly better today, as the vomiting has stopped and he was able to hold down applesauce, water, and toast. I told him he had to be on the AT diet because he can't do the BRAT diet, since he is severely allergic to bananas and doesn't like rice!

We are running around spraying Oust and Lysol like crazy and everyone is banned from the bathroom Luke has been using. I'm not dumb enough to think that on one else is going to get it, but I'm determined to keep it as contained as possible.

Friday, February 6, 2009


Steven volunteered to iron Drew's shirt, again! What is up with him?

The big news is, though, that he is moving out. Now, I NEVER thought I would be happy when one of my kids moved out, but I am thrilled! Steven needs to be on his own. One, so we don't have to live with his poor choices. Two, maybe if he is out on his own, he will start to realize how much things cost and many other things he needs to learn in order to survive in life. Since he only learns by doing and making his own mistakes, this is important for him. Not that he learns from all his mistakes, but he does learn from them, maybe 25% of the time. He is very naive and doesn't see the world the way typical people do, so he has a very tough road ahead of him.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yesterday's quote of the day

"Remember that time, when Nick and Denise were here, and Mom had her period and it leaked out, all over and she ran to her bathroom?"--Alex


First of all, thanks so much for reminding me, Son! Secondly, it did leak onto my jeans, but not all over, I mean it wasn't a fountain or anything. And thirdly, I know for a fact that I did not RUN anywhere. The last time I ran was at least 7 years ago. Just setting the record straight!

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Today's super-mini rage

When Hannah got home from school, she came in, handed me the mail, all sweetly, went to the bathroom and ran back outside. Hmm, she's grounded. I left it alone for about 10 minutes and then I went outside and saw her with two of her friends. I called her in and she actually listened. Of course, she wanted me to say she could get off her grounding. Anyway, long story short, she actually goofed around about it with me, as I jokingly imitated her. We were both laughing and she seemed to accept the fact that she wasn't getting off the grounding. Then suddenly she started to cry and then she hit me in the arm and ran upstairs. Oy. About 10 minutes later, she came halfway down the stairs and called out, "I'm sorry, Mom".

So far, so good, as far as the grounding goes. It's usually a lot worse than this and she usually would have had a huge rage by now, so I'm pretty pleased. We will see how tomorrow goes.

Yesterday's mini rage

Yet again, I'm falling behind on my blogging. Yesterday Hannah went to her friend's house on her bike and was told to be home by 5:30. Since she didn't have a watch and she broke the screen on my cell phone, I figured she might not think to ask anyone the time, so I told her that as soon as it started to get dark, even a tiny bit, it would be 5:30 and she had to come home.

6:00 rolled around and I had to leave to get Shauna to her 6th grade orientation night and to bring Alex's dress shoes and socks to the same event, as he had stayed after for play practice and his choir group was singing at the orientation. Hannah was nowhere to be found. I called her friend's house and her sister told me that they were outside somewhere. I drove over and she still wasn't there, so I drove to the apartment complex next door, where they usually hang out. Sure enough, there was a big group of kids standing on the corner, talking, and one of them was Hannah. I started to brace myself, not knowing how she would act. I knew she would be mad that I picked her up in front of her friends, since she gets embarrassed very easily. I also knew that she would be furious that she now had to go with me to the school because I didn't have time to drop her off at home.

Well, I was right on all of the above. I told her that she was grounded for two days for not coming home when she was told. She went into hysterics and screamed that she didn't know what time it was, didn't know that it was dark, wasn't her fault, one more chance, etc. All the usual nonsense. I told her the grounding stayed and I wasn't going to discuss it any more. She hit me twice, trying to get me to engage. I was driving at the time, but luckily the school is only a couple of minutes away. Once we got there, she had to stop raging because she was afraid someone she knew might see her. She was still obviously mad at me, but she controlled herself. Her teacher was there and came over and told me how fantastic she is doing in school, so that helped quite a bit with her bad mood. Then she saw some kids she and Shauna know and really like, so that helped, too. I was still afraid of what would happen when we got back in the car and when we got home.

Alex sang with his choir group and they were wonderful! This is a smaller choir than the general one and the highest level choir at the school. Only 3 or 4 boys were there, so I could really pick out his voice. The sang the National Anthem.

Back to my story, after we were done at school, we headed home. As soon as we got in the car, Hannah started bugging me about letting her off her grounding again. She had lost most of her steam, however, so it wasn't too bad. She didn't hit and we managed to get home in one piece. Same for after we got home. She bugged me a bit, but since we got home at about 7:30 and she is usually asleep by 8:00, she really only had time to eat and go to bed.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Quote of the day

Mom (upon hearing someone was celebrating their 92nd birthday): "Oh, she's only a year older than me."

Shauna: "No, she's not! You are only in your 60's."

Mom: "WHAT? In my 60's?"

Shauna: "Oh wait, you're only 56, aren't you?"


Please note I am only 47!

One year ago today...

Five innocent women were murdered, just a couple of miles away from our last home. One of them was CUP'S close friend, Sarah. I don't know what else to say.,020109LBfamilies.article,020209-lb-timeline.article

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Treats

I'm blogging about this mainly because I want to be able to refer to it next year. Shauna made chocolate chip cookies, which are delicious. Alex made chili dip and is making a baked mashed potato dish, which isn't really part of the Super Bowl snacks, but he wanted to make it. Shauna helped me make a ton of super-mini pizzas. We used Wheat Thins, homemade pizza sauce and cheese and then broiled them. They were yummy. We also had chips and dips. I made sweet tea, also, which was extra good for some reason. I almost forgot that Lukey made the pizza sauce for me, so most of the kids who were home really pitched in to help. CUP braved the crowds at Walmart to do the grocery shopping, which was no fun at all.

I was going to make taco salad for dinner, but I was hoping everyone would be full from the snacks and I wouldn't have to. My dream came true and I don't have to make the taco salad until tomorrow. Good thing because those mini pizzas take forever to make. It seems like I made so much more than that, seeing as I have been in the kitchen for about 5 hours.

I had a can of fried onions stashed in the pantry for baked mashed potatoes, which I had planned to make for Christmas and just ran out of time. I was looking all over for them and Shauna told me Steven had eaten them. Figures! Of course, he isn't here, so I can't even yell at him. Ugh. I hate it when I have stuff put/hidden away for a recipe and someone helps themselves. So annoying.

I've been slacking off

Okay, this is a quick post because I've been slacking off on posting and I will probably get some complaints soon. I don't know why the days have been going by so quickly. I can only get about a tenth of what I would like to get done on any given day. Of course, spending so much time on the computer probably doesn't help in that department!

Mikey, with the on and off help of Steven, Jack and Luke, fixed Luke's car today. It only cost us $2.66, but Mike spend many hours working on it. He is going to take tomorrow off so he can get a few things done around here before going back up North. He will have to drive up tomorrow evening, though, which really cuts the day short, but it is better than nothing.

I forgot to blog about the lady who talked to Alex at Golden Corral. Apparently, he was getting some chicken and mashed potatoes and there was an older woman next to him. She said, "Be careful, that chicken is very spicy." He said, "Oh, okay.", not quite knowing how to answer that. Then she said, "Well, I see that you have an awful lot of mashed potatoes on your plate and I don't want you to take chicken that you won't eat because it is too spicy." Huh??? He looked at the label on the chicken, which said Crispy Chicken. He said to her, "Oh, it says Crispy Chicken, so I don't think it's spicy." She said, "Don't talk back to me." Huh, again??? He was just telling her the chicken wasn't spicy, in case she wanted some. I guess she must have been the "plate patrol"!