Sunday, February 1, 2009

Super Bowl Treats

I'm blogging about this mainly because I want to be able to refer to it next year. Shauna made chocolate chip cookies, which are delicious. Alex made chili dip and is making a baked mashed potato dish, which isn't really part of the Super Bowl snacks, but he wanted to make it. Shauna helped me make a ton of super-mini pizzas. We used Wheat Thins, homemade pizza sauce and cheese and then broiled them. They were yummy. We also had chips and dips. I made sweet tea, also, which was extra good for some reason. I almost forgot that Lukey made the pizza sauce for me, so most of the kids who were home really pitched in to help. CUP braved the crowds at Walmart to do the grocery shopping, which was no fun at all.

I was going to make taco salad for dinner, but I was hoping everyone would be full from the snacks and I wouldn't have to. My dream came true and I don't have to make the taco salad until tomorrow. Good thing because those mini pizzas take forever to make. It seems like I made so much more than that, seeing as I have been in the kitchen for about 5 hours.

I had a can of fried onions stashed in the pantry for baked mashed potatoes, which I had planned to make for Christmas and just ran out of time. I was looking all over for them and Shauna told me Steven had eaten them. Figures! Of course, he isn't here, so I can't even yell at him. Ugh. I hate it when I have stuff put/hidden away for a recipe and someone helps themselves. So annoying.


Other Mother said...

We have a house rule that "if it isn't open, you can't open it without permission." If it's already open, it's fair game. Then sometimes I find food in the kitchen with lables on it that say, "Don't eat/drink this, it's (name)'s!"

Mom of 7 said...

We have that rule, too, but we also have one child who doesn't believe in rules! LOL!