Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Just a regular day so far

I cleaned 4 garbage bags full of hockey jerseys out of the main floor linen closet today. There are still enough left in there to fill another bag, but those are ones that we use or the kids want to hang on their walls, once they are painted. If they ever get painted! I can't bring myself to give any away yet, so for now, I will have the boys put them in one of the attics. Now we actually have room for towels and sheets in the linen closet, yay! I still have the bottom part to clean out, there are two bins down there that have all kinds of stuff we don't use. There are probably a bunch more jerseys and hockey pants in there, too, I wouldn't be surprised. While I'm not happy I didn't finish it, I am happy that I at least made a huge dent. Plus, I cleared out two nice plastic bins with covers that I can stuff other junk into! Yesterday I heard a quote from Martin Luther King that is going to be my new motto. It was about having faith, but I think it can be applied to so much more. Part of the quote is "You don't have to see the whole staircase, just take the first step". I'm going to apply that to my battle with clutter!

I had to take Drew to his physical therapy appointment today and I crocheted while I waited in the car. I got quite a bit done, since he was in there for an hour, so I'm happy with that. I need to get this afghan finished in a month and I don't want to have to stress out at the last minute. I guess I could give up reading and devote that time to crocheting, but....nah! After the therapy appointment, I took him directly to work, which saved on gas and that is always good.

Luke put a new, key-lock door knob on my bedroom door today. Thank you, Lukey! This is to keep the riffraff out! I have decided that I will no longer allow kids to use the master bathroom. My stuff is always disappearing and there are always wet towels and dirty clothes all over the floor and I'm really tired of it. Plus, they are always dropping things down my drain, clogging my toilet, and finding the things that I hide from them. They also let the cats in my room, as they go in and out, so this will eliminate some of that. Now the problem is trying to figure out a way for me to keep the keys secure, have easy access to them, and not lose them! That is going to be a huge challenge for me.


Anonymous said...

get one of those keyboxes that open with a combination and hang it right beside your door. then you just have to remember the number.

Mom of 7 said...

That is exactly what I need, but the only ones I've ever seen have keys and I would lose that key! Do you know where they have the combination lock ones?