Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Dog bite update

I took Steven to the hand specialist today. He said that the finger looks good and there was no tendon damage, so it should heal just fine. If he can't make a fist in the next 7 days, he will have to go for physical therapy.

After we got put in an exam room and the nurse left, Steven, in typical Steven-fashion, wasn't able to just sit still and wait for the doctor. Normally, he has to open each drawer and cabinet and touch everything. He usually puts on gloves, plays with tongue depressors, you name it. I am always embarrassed and yelling at him to stop. He, of course, thinks its amusing. Well, today, he headed straight for the brochure display and started reading breast augmentation pamphlets! Ugh! Well, at least that was better than what he usually does and I was able to get him to put it back before the doctor came in.

The doctor was kind of a jerk, I would never go back to him. He told Steven to make a fist. Duh, making a fist really hurts, his finger is still very swollen and black and blue. Steven said he couldn't and the doctor took the finger and forced it into fist position, while Steven grimaced and gasped at the pain. He didn't even warn him, just pushed it really fast. Then he told Steven to try it himself and Steven did it slowly. Then he smirked and sarcastically said, "Wow, amazing how you can do it after I do it for you." Then at the end, Steven asked when he could go back to work and the doctor was snotty about that, too. He made it sound like Steven was trying to get out of going back to work and wanted a note to say he could stay out longer. Steven told him it was the opposite, that he had just moved out and needed the money, so he wanted to go back to work as soon as possible. The guy was just a jerk, I hate when doctors act like that.

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Firedancer717 said...

Oh doctors usually think that they're god or something. I hate doctors like that!! What a jerk :(