Sunday, February 8, 2009

People everywhere

It is in the 70's today! I drove Drew to work and there are people everywhere. The huge park at the end of our subdivision was packed with people. Our neighborhood always has tons of people jogging or walking dogs, even when it is cold, but even more were out today.

Mike and Shauna washed Luke's car, Mike's car and my van today. Shauna wanted to wear a bathing suit, but I drew the line at bathing suits in February. Even if it is warm out, no bathing suits!

Shauna in front of Luke's sparkling clean car. Now all he needs is a license so he can drive it!

Mikey washing my van


Denise said...

Did the HOA approve car-washing in the street??

Mom of 7 said...

LOL! The HOA has been much more laid-back since they hired a management company. The guy who used to do all the complaining still walks by every day (in fact I saw him and his wife go past the house a few minutes ago!), but I think they have started to ignore his complaints. I have heard from lots of other people that they were having the same problems with him, so I think the HOA decided to limit him. Thank goodness, it is much more peaceful to live here now!