Thursday, February 26, 2009

Yearbook nominations

Alex is in 8th grade, very outgoing and one of the "popular" kids. Hmm, I was totally the opposite when I was in school. I was incredibly quiet, introverted and popular only with my small, select group of friends. It is kind of weird to have a kid like him and yet, he and I get along really, really well. We have a very close relationship and spend a lot of time together, mostly just talking.

In his schools yearbook, they have those most things. You know, most popular, etc. Well, Alex got nominated for 5 of them this year! He was nominated for most stylish (none of his friends know we shop at thrift stores and spend next to nothing for his clothes!), most unforgettable, most talkative, drama king and reality star (whatever that means). They are only allowed to be nominated for 2 things so he had to pick 2. He picked drama king and reality star, even though he also has no idea what reality star means!

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jen said...

I think it is so cool that you shop at thrift stores. My girls can find the best stuff at thrift stores and I am finding some pretty cool things that would have cost so much more.. actually, I would have just done without.

It also teaches your children to think about whether they have to do what the culture says to be accepted. Very cool stuff.