Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My kids are making fun of me!

Alex and Shauna were making fun of me tonight. Everything I did, they narrated it, like this:

"Oh, I'm putting meatballs on my plate. I'm going to blog about this."

"I'm pouring milk. I'm going to blog about this."

"I'm sitting down with my dinner. I'm going to blog about this.", etc. etc. etc.!

Then, a few minutes after they stopped making fun of me, Shauna was practicing for her science project presentation. She was speaking quickly and it sounded like she said, "Jesus cleaned the pennies" (she actually said juice cleaned the pennies). I said, "Jesus cleaned the pennies? I'm going to blog about this!" She laughed and said, "Have you heard of privacy, Mom?"

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Torina said...

That is so funny! JB asks me all the time whenever anything funny happens, "Are you going to blog that now?"