Friday, February 6, 2009


Steven volunteered to iron Drew's shirt, again! What is up with him?

The big news is, though, that he is moving out. Now, I NEVER thought I would be happy when one of my kids moved out, but I am thrilled! Steven needs to be on his own. One, so we don't have to live with his poor choices. Two, maybe if he is out on his own, he will start to realize how much things cost and many other things he needs to learn in order to survive in life. Since he only learns by doing and making his own mistakes, this is important for him. Not that he learns from all his mistakes, but he does learn from them, maybe 25% of the time. He is very naive and doesn't see the world the way typical people do, so he has a very tough road ahead of him.


Lking said...

so many of the teens and even older have no concept about what things cost nor do they know how to manage anything. It is too bad, they all have a rough road ahead!
God Bless

Denise said...

Where is he going to live?