Monday, April 5, 2010

Glorious Day!

What a glorious day! It is beautiful outside and I have the day off. The daycare center is closed for the day, to celebrate Easter. I haven't been there long enough for it to be a paid holiday, but I really don't even care. Mike is home for the week, to keep an eye on the kids during Spring Break.

Mike and I got up at my regular working-day time today and took Alex to Colonial Williamsburg, where he is an extra in a movie. He is excited because this is his first movie and he gets paid $12 an hour to do something that is tons of fun. They also serve them snacks and lunch. He will do it today and tomorrow and should make about $120. We then tried to go to the library, only to find out that it doesn't open until 10:00. So we headed to Walgreens, where Jack and Drew were both working, and bought some Easter stuff at 50% off. We decided not to do baskets this year, as the kids said they would prefer to just get some new clothes. Shauna, however, wasn't a part of that conversation and I found out on Saturday that she still wanted a basket. She was more than happy to get a big bowl of candy (for the whole family, not just Shauna!) on Easter and wait a few more days for a basket with some goodies. I still have a couple more things to pick up for her, but when we tried to go to the hair care store to get them, they didn't open until 11:30. What is with these stores?

On Saturday morning, just as I was about to step into the shower, I got a text that my mom was being taken from work to the hospital by ambulance. I went to the hospital and, luckily, she was doing pretty well. It turned out that she had been at the cardiologist on Thursday, to get a stress test because she had an abnormal EKG. During the stress test, they had to stop because her blood pressure shot up super high. She was put on a beta-blocker drug and it slowed her heart rate drastically. That caused her to feel light headed and otherwise horrible. She was released after a few hours, after being given the option of staying until they got the meds regulated or going home to do it. Hopefully, she will be able to find a good combination of meds that keeps the blood pressure down and doesn't cause her heart rate to slow so much.

I am officially ready for the return of my beloved hummingbirds! I have one feeder out in front and Mike just helped me put a new one on the sun room window. I was at Walmart a couple of weeks ago and decided to buy Alex the hummingbird feeder that he had been asking for last year. While I was getting it, I saw that they had some hangers that could be attached to a window with heavy duty suction cups. I bought one, as well as a small feeder to go on it. I was so excited because we will be able to sit in the air conditioned sun room and still see the hummingbirds! Our front porch faces southwest, so it is usually too sunny and hot to sit out there in the evenings. Since I will be at work in the mornings, when I would usually hang out there to see my birdies, this will work out perfectly! Another plus is that the hummingbirds will have more shade because the window feeder is on the northeast side of the house. I still have two more feeders to prepare, but I am soaking those in bleach water to kill any mold. Now all I need is for the hummingbirds to migrate back up here.

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