Saturday, June 26, 2010

Luke's Graduation Pictures

The Family

Mommy and Lukey

Daddy and Lukey

The Family and Gramma

Best friends since third grade, Luke and Stephen B.

Just jumping right back in here! Luke graduated from high school last weekend. We had a wonderful family weekend, with Jack and Janine coming in from Philly. Everyone got the day off work and we all attended the graduation. My mom went, as well as a friend from Illinois, Adam. We went to Sal's for a delicious Italian dinner after the graduation. Janine took more pictures with her camera. I will post those once she sends them to me. (Hint, hint, Janine!) I know she is a bit busy, since her Godson was born a few hours ago. Congratulations to Janine. Can't wait to see pictures!


jen said...

Very nice pics!

Denise said...

I forgot to tell you that when we read this post - AGES AGO!!! - I said that you looked nice. (Of course, after the high maintenance friend remark, I may take that back!) So Nick said, "Oh look at her. She enters the corporate world and now there's a new hairstyle, she's wearing big beads around her neck, a new blouse..."

See, it's not just me who struggled with this whole JOB thing!

Mom of 7 said...

Thanks, Jen!

Denise, you did email me and tell me that I looked nice.

Nick, I wouldn't exactly call my job at the daycare center the corporate world! Also, the beads were Hannah's. I don't really own any jewelry, so I have to borrow from my daughters. It was a new blouse though!

I'm sorry that me working caused such an uproar!