Saturday, March 31, 2012


The last two years or so have been a huge transition for me. First, I had to give up a big dream of mine, which was to adopt an orphan with Down syndrome from Eastern Europe. I'm pretty much okay with that now, but still sad that it isn't going to happen. Then, after almost 26 years of being a mostly stay-at-home mom, I started working. The first job I got wasn't a perfect fit for me, but I gained a lot of faith in myself. When I first decided to go back to work, I was terrified and didn't think I would have the stamina to do it. I didn't think I would be able to juggle everything that needed to get done. The first two months or so were very difficult to get through, but I made it and came out a whole lot stronger than when I started. After a few months, I quit the first job and found the job I have now, which is a job that I love and look forward to every day.

I've also made some changes in my home life. I have, somehow, managed to get more organized and I have even started a bunch of new routines that have helped me stay organized. I still have a long way to go, but I have made some huge improvements. I'm pretty proud of myself because lack organization has always been my biggest vice.

Relationship-wise, Mike and I have gone through some really rough times, between long-term job loss, resulting in severe financial hardship and dealing with raising 7 kids, many of whom have disabilities. We were so busy just trying to make it from one hardship/crisis to the next, that we never thought about or spent any time maintaining our relationship. The past few years have see big improvements in that area, as well.

Another change I have made is eating healthier and exercising more. That, as the organizing, is still a work in progress, but lots of progress is being made. Yay! By the way, my kids are not thrilled about this change. There has even been one Facebook status about the fact that I was making them eat a healthy dinner. Heck, I never get mentioned on my kid's Facebook status', so I'll take it!

I have been on a big blogging break, as a couple of you may have noticed. Not that you would have nagged me about it or anything! I was so busy working on and through those other things, that I didn't really have anything left for blogging. Now that I'm in a better place and have been able maintain these changes for awhile, I think I'm ready to start setting aside a bit of time to blog, whenever possible.

Even though I'm not in love with the blogging process, like some are, I enjoy getting everything preserved "on paper", since my memory is nowhere to be found these days.

Thanks to Wendy, for her comment telling me she missed me. It was the spark I needed to sit my butt down and write something! Mike and Denise get credit, too, for nagging me, periodically. Without them, I would have been...uh...less nagged, I guess! Denise's comments on her own blog, about "Michelle, the former-blogger" were some incentive too, I suppose. : )


Anonymous said...

So thrilled to see your post today! You are one of my favorite bloggers!

I do understand the need to take a break though. Sometimes your priorities need to be somewhere more important. After six years of blogging, I just signed of of my "writing" blog for good. My heart just isn't there anymore. But I think blogging somewhere is therapeutic - and as good as keeping a journal (- which I haven't done since my sister read mine when I was 13

So, I'm glad things are going in a good direction for you - and welcome back!

Mom of 7 said...

Thanks, Wendy! I'm glad you will still be doing your family blog. I love reading about how well Danny is doing. I loved the picture of him and the cat!

Denise said...

You're one of my favorite bloggers, too...if I remember correctly.

Glad you're finally back. I'll have to stop calling you The Former Blogger, Michelle.