Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Who Needs An Alarm Clock?

You know, everyone always talks about all the negative things about having a child who is a rager. Today I am choosing to look at the positive. In our family, there are lots of times when we don't need our alarm clocks because Hannah's rages wake us up. Today was one of those days. The only downside is Hannah doesn't have a snooze button!

I was just stepping out of the shower a little before 6:00 am, when I heard pounding on my door, along with frantic yelling. My first thought was, "Oh, yay, another fun day is beginning". I told her I was just getting out of the shower and I would be out in a few minutes. I heard her yelling a bunch of stuff, but the only part I could make out was her telling me that she needed me to come out right now. I told her I had to get dressed and she actually left. Surprise, surprise. I dilly-dallied as much as possible because I knew the longer I took to go out there, the less time she would have to abuse me before she had to leave for the school bus. I hadn't made lunches yet, so I had to go out when it was still 10 minutes until bus time.

It turns out that she wanted me to sign on my computer so she could re-set her boyfriend's iPod. Apparently, he told her that his friend, who was arrested yesterday, had borrowed it while he (boyfriend Tito) was in Florida for Spring Break. Supposedly, the arrested friend had changed the password and Tito doesn't have computer access to change it back. He can't ask the friend what the new password is because he is locked up. Come to find out, Hannah had asked Luke to do it last night and he told her it was probably a stolen iPod. She, of course, believes the boyfriend, even though he has already served time in juvenile detention for stealing an iPod. He told her he has changed, so it must be true. When I heard that, I said it probably was stolen. Hannah right away became furious and said she would never have a stolen iPod in her hands. I tried to tell her I didn't think she had stolen it or knew it was stolen, but I'm not sure she believed me. After all, why believe your mom, who loves you, when you can believe the "already been locked up at least twice boyfriend"? I already knew she hadn't stolen the iPod because she only steals from her siblings! So, anyway, I still don't know what the truth is about the iPod and she wouldn't tell me why the boyfriend's friend got arrested. She just said, "Let's just say he did a lot of things, a lot". Then she heard her bus outside and had to leave. Lucky for the rest of us, Hannah is the first one to leave in the morning and the rest of us were left to get ready for our day in peace.

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