Wednesday, July 21, 2010

For Mikey

So...Mikey has been bugging me about not posting. Well, more like bugging me to post! Here is a quicky. Alex has been in a theater camp for the past three weeks. He is playing Aladdin in their production of Aladdin on Thursday. The last day of camp is Friday and we will be heading up to Philadelphia to visit Nick and Denise, as well as Jack and Janine. We can only stay for a few days because we have to be back on Tuesday because Drew and Luke are going to Chicago and we can't leave the dog at home alone. It will be a quick trip, but I'm sure we will have a great time! Who wouldn't have a great time at the famous Hotel Cinderella???????

I have to take Luke and Stephen B. to register for college on Friday. Ugh, that should be fun, as anyone who has ever spent time with Luke and Stephen B. should know. Today Stephen B. asked me how they make a penis for people who have sex change operations! Oy. They just left here, after arguing with me for an hour about getting up early on Friday to be at the school by 8:00 am.

I quit my job! Yes, the job that I loved. Yes, I really did love it, but I also hated some things about it. I loved the work and the babies and loved, loved, loved my co-worker, Nelma. We are now the best of friends. The problem was that I was gone from home for 50 hours per week. Another issue was that when I was hired, the director assured me that getting time off for trips with Mike, family trips, IEP meetings, and doctor appointments for me and the kids wasn't going to be a problem. At first it wasn't, but then she decided that she didn't want people taking time off. I was very sick with bronchitis and missed three days of work because I was not only too sick to work, but also contagious. The director and owner were mad at me for that. It didn't matter that I would have gotten the babies sick or passed out while carrying one of them, they still wanted me there. They have plenty of substitutes, so that isn't the problem. In the 5 months that I was working there, 10 out of 12 people left. Does that tell you anything?

The good news is that I found a way better job! I will be making a lot more money and babysitting for one little girl (instead of up to 13 babies at once!). She is 5 months old and has Down syndrome. I am so excited and can't wait to start on August 2nd. Plus it is only for 4-5 hours per day, so I have plenty of time for appointments and other things I need to get done. The baby is adorable and I know I'm going to love caring for her.


Denise said...

Okay, I've been busy cleaning the house in anticipation of your arrival...laundering the linens with our subtly scented homemade detergent, scrubbing happily away at the bathrooms, and cleaning the windows until they sparkled. I've been baking bread, and whipping up tempting desserts and gourmet main courses. I've spent some time at my crafting table, creating gifts for my special guests. Lovingly created bouquets made with our own flowers grace each room. I can only hope that my efforts will meet your standards and that you will find our facility satisfactory.

Your High Maintenance Friend

Mom of 7 said...

Wow! I'm going to have to take photos of your clean house, to post on my blog. At least it won't be like the last time I was there, when you told me to crop the mess out of the pictures, since there won't be any mess!

Are you sure you weren't doing all that in a virtual Hotel Cinderella? You forget that I know you REALLY well! LOL!

Denise said...

Well, I have more to say. I've been wondering where Luke and Stephen were heading after high school. After hearing that they'll be attending the same college, I have to say that I'm a bit scared. I'm sure it will never be the same after the two of them attend. Of course, it will give you lots of good blogging material, so keep plenty of napkins around!

Denise said...

If you know me that well, you know that my entire existence is virtual!

Now, why aren't you packing???

Mom of 7 said...

I know what you mean about Luke and Stephen B. going to school together. They had several classes together this year and drove the teachers insane! Don't worry, you know I always have plenty of napkins or paper towels on hand for note taking. I thought about that this morning and even considered bringing a notebook to The HC, but decided that napkins are more convenient because I can fold them up and stick them in my bra to hide them from you!

LOL! If only your husband and kids were virtual, you would be all set!

I'm not packing because I'm commenting on your comments, so stop commenting, so I can pack!!!!