Tuesday, June 28, 2011

One Hour and Forty Five Minutes Left...

...To get ready for Hotel Cinderella. I only have a minute, but wanted to get this down while fresh in my mind.

1. Accidentally left Rebel out on porch when changing Hummingbird water. Got delayed in the house and heard knocking on the front door. Yes, knocking. The dog even barked. Opened the door and there was Rebel with her two front paws on the doorstep!

2. Texted a teenager:

Me: Where are you?
Teen: At the park with So and So.
Teen: (30 seconds later) If my mom texts you, tell her I'm with you.
Teen: (20 seconds later) JK
Me: BUSTED!!!!!

Must finish packing, loading car and making dinner. Now have one hour and 40 minutes left!

***Edited to add: Told Luke the story about Rebel.

Luke: "I'd be more impressed if she rang the doorbell."
Me: "Me, too, since the doorbell is broken."


Denise said...

Are you really loading the car tonight?? Does that mean that you're really leaving right after work?

I have some things to tell you, but I have to wait until you're far enough on your journey that you won't turn around and go back!

Denise said...

Are you kidding me?? It took you 27 days to post this comment?

You need to make me a moderator so that I can approve my own comments!