Tuesday, June 21, 2011

So I Don't Get In Trouble!

I don't have much time, but I wanted to do a quick post before I start getting yelled at by my only two fans! Not to mention any names, but they would be Denise and Mikey.

Speaking of Denise, we are heading to the Hotel Cinderella next Wednesday. Yay! I'm really looking forward to it, even though it is called the Hotel Cinderella for a very good reason!

Luke is now working at Walgreens. Someone robbed the pharmacy the other night, when Luke was working. Ugh! There have been a rash of robberies here, even though this is not a high crime town. At least it hasn't been a high crime town in the past! Several banks have been robbed in the last few months and several pharmacies. Two McDonald's were robbed within days of each other a few days ago. On my way home from work, I pass a bank and it had crime scene tape all around it. The police had the driveway blocked with squad cars and I saw a police officer entering the front door. He stopped to put gloves on before touching the door. I'm assuming it was robbed, but haven't seen anything on the internet yet. I hope they catch these criminal(s) soon, it is getting scary!

Yesterday was my Mom's birthday and Drew was over, so we all went over to celebrate. We brought strawberry shortcake and had a great time.

The mom of one of Hannah's friends died on Sunday and Hannah is attending the funeral tomorrow. I'm not sure how she died, but she was a year younger than me. I spent an hour or hour and a half with her about 6 weeks ago and she was depressed because her husband was divorcing her and she didn't want the divorce. I know she was an alcoholic, so I'm not sure if that had something to do with it. Hannah said she had been in and out of the hospital recently. It is very sad. Her daughter is a very nice girl, but already has some anger issues. She punched another girl in the face (the same night I talked to her mom) because they liked the same boy. Anytime is a bad time to lose a parent, but I think the teenage years are the worst. Nothing like making a difficult time even more difficult!

We went to the beach last Friday, as I was off. It was a beautiful day and a lot of fun, except for the fact that Hannah was going through a rough time (euphemism for manic) and was cranky and uncooperative. I don't feel like going into all the details, but she had been starting to go downhill as the last week of school approached. She stayed out until 11:00 on a school night last week (and only came home then because I went out and tracked her down). She was at the park behind our house (which closes at night) with two boys. They weren't doing anything but standing around and talking, but still. Alex went with me and we spied on them, so I know there was no funny business going on. We grounded her, of course, and she went out the next two days anyway. (She can never understand why she is grounded because, after all, she "only stayed out until 11:00 and she wasn't doing anything bad. It was OUR park, right behind the house!) We went and brought her home the first day, which she was not happy about. The second day, we went to find her again and this time she hid in a friend's house, the brother insisted she wasn't there. Boy did he manage to find her really quickly when I told him that I had reported her as a runaway and the police would probably be stopping by to look for her. Suddenly, he said, "well, um, maybe...just a minute...maybe she...(he looks behind the door while I hear a female voice telling him something-not Hannah), she isn't hear, but I will tell her to call you if she comes here." Within a minute or two, she called. Surprise, surprise! She refused to come home at first and her friend was furiously texting me to please not send the police to her house. She finally came home after I assured her that the police were not going to pick her up on the way and put her in the squad car. When she got home, she started to rage. She didn't destroy anything or hurt anyone, thank goodness. We put the dog on the lease when it started and went out to the front of the house. She is much less likely to rage if neighbors can see her. She yelled a bit, but ultimately went inside and watched tv for the rest of the night. That was on Friday, the first day off school for summer. She was better on Saturday, although she was very giddy, which is usually a sign she is ending her manic phase. She was quite good on Sunday and did abide by the grounding for the whole weekend, which is very difficult for her! It has been, however, a very stressful week for me!

I hope that all makes sense, as I was typing quickly and don't want to think about it anymore, so I'm not going to proofread!

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Denise said...

I didn't realize that you were living in such a dangerous neighborhood. I think you should move up here!

I did my first in a series of Hotel Cinderella posts...