Sunday, May 31, 2009

Enjoying nature

I had to drive Steven to Will's house and Hannah to her friend, Alex's, house this morning. When I got home and came up the front porch steps, I startled a hummingbird, who was feeding at my newly installed hummingbird feeder. I had taken a chance and put it on the front porch, not sure if they would use it, due to the high human traffic, but this was the third bird I've seen over the last few days and I've only been out there a few times during the day.

The hummingbird flew off, but I sat down and waited a few minutes and it came back, or it might have been another one, I'm not sure. This one fed for a little and flew away. I continued to wait quietly, even though there was a skink walking around, who was making me nervous because I was afraid he would come near my feet. My patience paid off because as I was looking at my recently planted red bud tree, I saw a tiny hummingbird sitting on the branch. It was so cute. Then a robin landed in the same tree and the hummingbird left. A couple of minutes after the robin flew off, I noticed the hummingbird there, again, only high up. It was a really small one and had a pretty red band of color around it's neck. I'm now glad that I decided to put it in front, not in the back, like I've done in the past. When it is in the back, we hardly ever see the birds, since we don't generally sit out there and I forget to change the sugar water.

I'm so glad I took the time to do that, it was very relaxing! I'm going to try to get some pictures over the next few days, if I can. I guess I will have to turn the sound off on my camera, since it makes bird chirps when I turn it on or change a setting and it barks when a picture is taken!

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Jarka said...

aaw I´d love to see some photos if you´ll manage to take them :) ...they have to be so sweet :)