Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Alex's Show

Alex goes to a performing arts school, not a day school, but an after school school. He is in the Musical Theater program. I know I posted about it before, mentioning that he got a scholarship to attend. He attended a couple of years ago, but we just couldn't afford it anymore. He found out a few months ago that they were offering scholarships for boys and he applied and was accepted. He has learned so much there and I'm really glad he has been able to go. He is dying to take private voice lessons there, so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the owner will let him do that next year.

Anyway, they always do an end of the year program, highlighting what they have learned during the year. Each class and the private lesson students did a dance or song and it was really wonderful. We went in, not expecting much, but ended up being treated to what, at most times, seemed like a professional performance! The costumes were beautiful. Too bad I forgot my camera! Alex, unfortunately, only participated in one song and dance, but he did a great job. The show was a lot of fun and my Aunt Louise, who is here visiting from Florida and my Mom came along, so I'm glad it was a good show!

After the show, we went home, planning to make eat at home, but we then decided to go out to dinner. Alex really wanted to and since he hasn't been home much at all for the past 4 months or so, we decided to splurge and go out. The only kids who wanted to go were Alex and Shauna. We went to Red, Hot and Blue, which was really good. We had a GREAT time! It was just a fun and funny, relaxing time. It was nice to have Mike along with us, since when he is home, he is usually really tired and sleeping or busy doing stuff around the house. Several funny things happened, but the main one was that I had my cell phone in my purse and whenever I got a text message, it says, "message received". Alex thought that was SO embarrassing! It was actually quite low and since it was in my purse, I don't think anyone around us could hear it. Plus there weren't even that many people in the restaurant, since it was pretty late when we finally got there.

After a few minutes of Alex teasing me about being embarrassing, he proceeded to drop his cell phone down between the end of the booth bench and the wall. He tried to get it out with butter knives, his hand, his flip flop, etc., with no luck. Mike, being silly, decided to call the phone. Alex had his ring on pretty loud and his ring tone is an obnoxious, rap-type song. So suddenly, we and the people sitting anywhere near us, hear "turn my head right round" music! Mike says, "And you had the nerve to say that Mom was embarrassing!" We had quite a few laughs over that and some other things, while we enjoyed a delicious BBQ dinner. Eventually when we still couldn't get the phone out ourselves, our server came over and tried to help. She first brought a broom stick from the back and tried that, but it wouldn't fit in between. Then she brought a bunch of kitchen gadgets with long handles, like a slotted spoon and tongs. Nothing worked. Finally, Alex tried pulling the bench out from the wall (which the server had said couldn't be done because it was attached!). Well, lo and behold, it was not attached, although it certainly did look like it was. Alex was able to rescue his phone, thank goodness.

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