Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Fruit garden update and pictures

Strawberries on the left, cantaloupe in the middle and watermelon on the right. After a very slow start, the cantaloupe and watermelon plants have finally started to take off.
This bed has strawberries, and two rows of cantaloupe

This has nothing to do with the fruit garden, but this is one of the rose bushes that Mike took out a few weeks ago. Someone forgot to tell it that it had been removed and discarded! That just goes to show you how resilient and prolific fairy roses can be.
This is the very overgrown garden just off the back deck. We put most of this in about 8 years ago and it now needs some attention, but I don't think it will get it this year. In this view, you can see the day lilies, several pink fairy rose bushes and part of the gorgeous climbing New Dawn on the fence. A couple of weeks ago, this area was covered with pink blooms. It was so pretty, but I don't think I got any pictures. There is also a very small crape myrtle tree just behind those fairies, that needs to be transplanted to the front yard. It just doesn't get enough sunlight to grow and bloom as it is right on the edge of the where the thickly forested yard area begins. My mom gave it to me many years ago and it only grows an inch or two a year and has never bloomed. I hope we can get that moved soon. The front yard crape myrtle should be blooming soon. Most of the other varieties are already in full bloom around here, but mine is a very late blooming variety called Sioux. I don't expect it to start blooming for a few more weeks.

A close up of one of the day lilies. This one is a very unusual reddish/deep pink color, almost maroon in the middle. Very pretty, with large blooms.

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