Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Last day of school

Today was the last day of school for the 4 youngest kids. For Luke it was the last day of Junior Year, for Alex it was the last day of middle school, for Hannah it was the last day of 6th Grade, and for Shauna it was the last day of elementary school. Wow, I can't believe they are getting so old!

Shauna was pretty sad about the last day, but Sydney is having a sleepover for the girls, so she was also excited about that. She is also excited that some of the boys from her class are having a sleepover in our neighborhood and both sleepover factions will be heading to the pool at the same time! She and I were talking yesterday, as we traveled to Walmart to get some craft supplies so she could make necklaces for her best friends, and she was telling me about her class this year. I've heard all of this before, over the year, but it was nice to hear it again. She told me how this class was so close and everyone got along so well and no one was mean. Well, except for LaParis and Jaquel, who were mean to everyone the first 6 weeks or so, but then got much nicer. Jaquel, apparently, is actually quite funny! LaParis, who has a history of being mean to Shauna and talking about her behind her back (to Hannah!), really improved this year, so that was great. I was a little worried at the beginning of the year because Shauna kept coming home upset that those two were making fun of her. The sad thing is that this great group of friends will be split next year, as not all of them will be funneled to the same middle school. Most of them will be together again in high school, but that won't be the same, I'm sure.

Hannah didn't have much to say about the last day, just that it was "good". She did her chores and took off to go to Larkinya's and Kidsburg.

Alex is here, reminding me of a few of the reasons why summer vacation can be stressful! I already had to give him his 100th lesson in proper vacuuming technique. He uses the "flower girl" method. You know how the flower girl walks down the aisle and just randomly throws petals from side to side, in the middle of the room? That is how he vacuums. He uses as many strokes in the entire 22' x 22' foot room as I use in a 4' x 4' area! The good news is that he only needed to be told which things he had missed while straightening the family room about 20 times and he only had to be told to watch his smart mouth 2 or 3 times! Woo, it is going to be one great summer around here!

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