Monday, June 8, 2009

New teacher meeting

I had the meeting with Hannah's current special ed teacher and the new teacher who will be her special ed teacher next year. I am so relieved. The current teacher is wonderful and I have loved, loved, loved her. I was so afraid that next year all the progress Hannah has made would just fall to pieces. After spending about an hour with the new teacher today, I am feeling so much better. She seems every bit as wonderful as this year's teacher! They have pretty much all the same ideas and they run things pretty much the same, so it will be consistent with this year. Yay!


Denise said...

SO glad you like the new teacher! It makes all the difference.

Finally had JJ's IEP mtg yesterday. Since it's a cyber school, I only 'met' his special ed teacher on the phone but I really liked her and she had some great ideas. Can't wait to see how next year goes.

Firedancer717 said...

its so nice when you like the new teacher, we have to meet Dannys new one soon too, and the woman this year was so great - we're all so nervous!!