Sunday, June 7, 2009

Another driver!

I can't believe I forgot to write about Luke getting his driver's license! He got it on Thursday. It is really nice to have an extra driver, especially since my other driver got a job and will now probably be sleeping most of the time I need help. Steven will be getting his license back next week, as well. Luke has already been a huge help this weekend and has driven quite a few times. He is out right now, picking Hannah up from her friend's house and getting gas. He even drove himself and Steven over to Will's house the other day to play video games and to Stephen B's another day, so at least he had some fun in addition to just driving kids here and there.

Hannah went to a sleep over last night and only slept for two hours yet insisted on going to another friend's house today. I'm actually glad that she went because if she stayed home, she would have slept all day and not been able to sleep tonight. I'm sure she is going to be exhausted when she gets home.

Alex and I went to a play today that the little kids in his drama group were doing. It was really two plays and they were so cute. Alex and his friends had done the same plays several years ago and they were all comparing themselves to the ones today. My friend, Renee's son was in the plays and we made arrangement to go out again. Even though we just went and hadn't planned to go again so soon, her favorite sandwich restaurant is closing on June 15th, so she wants me to try it before it is gone. I just hope I don't love it, since it will be closing so soon! I am looking forward to it, though.

I just got a call from Hannah's teacher about a meeting she is having tomorrow with the 7th grade resource teacher, who Hannah will have next year. She invited me to come and I've been anxious to meet her and hoping like heck that she is even half as good as this year's teacher!

Mike, Shauna and I (mostly Mike!) have been working on Shauna's new (Steven's old) room. It needed a LOT of work! It is all painted now, a beautiful sky blue color, with white trim. It looks awesome. Now we have to install the new sub floor and put the new tile floor on top of that. Then she can move in and we have to start working on Hannah's room. Ah, the fun never ends! I will try to get some pictures to post, but I can't find the kid's camera, which has the card for my camera in it. I can't complain since, technically, it is their card, I have just commandeered it for my camera.

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Denise said...

Congrats to Luke for getting his license. I would love a driver, if he ever gets tired of driving for you! ;)

Can't wait to see pics of Shauna's room!