Friday, February 12, 2010

More Blizzard Pictures

The neighbors digging out

Mikey digging my van out of the driveway

Alex, Shauna, and Hannah playing and helping

Hannah's turn to shovel. She is a great shoveler!

Part of the kitchen of the new townhome

Alex and Shauna, braving the huge snow pile at the end of the street

The top of my van in front and the buried cars in the background. We could only see the side-view mirrors and the windshield wipers that had been pulled out so they wouldn't freeze.
Alex and I made Denise's mashed potatoes with spinach and corn. We were being silly and pretending we were plating it for Iron Chef! Too bad I'm the only one who thought it was really delicious.

The neighbors helping Mike get the van unstuck from the middle of the street

Shauna, pretending to be me. I did not appreciate the extra padding in the stomach area!


Denise said...

Where's Shauna's fanny pack??

Okay, so what's up with the mashed potatoes? They look like potato soup! Sorry no one liked them; you can bring the leftovers here.

Mom of 7 said...

LOL! They look terrible, but they were actually really creamy and not soupy at all. There are limited cooking utensils at the townhome, so I had to use a stick blender instead of an electric beater to mash. That is why they look so icky.

Other people actually liked them, but they didn't love them like I did. The only one who didn't like them at all was Hannah. Sorry, I ate most of the leftovers!!!