Sunday, February 21, 2010

My wonderful gifts! (Sorry Nick!)

(Sorry Nick, but you aren't going to like this "bar raising" post at all!!!)

When I got home on Friday, Mikey was already home from work. He had washed the dishes, which was a wonderful gift in itself! He also had a gift and card waiting for me. The card congratulated me on my first week at work. The gift is the cutest statue of a mom/angel cuddling with a baby. I was so impressed that he not only thought about getting me something, but that the gift was so well thought out and perfect!

Another gift I got this week was from the kids. On Wednesday, which just happens to be the hardest day of the week at work, I came home and was shocked to see a completely clean family room and kitchen. When I left for work that morning, there were piles of clean, but not folded clothes covering both couches, plus other miscellaneous stuff on the counters and floors. The kids each do their own laundry, but they put it on the couch and I fold it. I guess they figured out when there wasn't anywhere left to sit, that I was at work and the laundry wasn't going to fold itself! Anyway, apparently Steven took charge and gave each kid their assignments. Shauna said, "Mom, Steven was you, but in a good way." I'm wasn't quite sure how to take that, but she assured me that she just meant that he told coordinated the "family clean-up" the way I usually do. It was SO nice to walk into a clean house!


Firedancer717 said...

You should be proud of your son...I asked him, "Hey, when I start my first week of work, are you going to buy me an xray statue? Because, good luck finding those!" Now, I thought this was a cute/funny thing to say. He replies with, "Oh, I'll get you something BONE related!"


Anon commentor said...

Like Father, like Son.