Sunday, February 21, 2010

Valentine's Day

I almost forgot about Valentine's Day, but was reading Denise's blog and she reminded me! Alex had a performance that day. It had been scheduled for earlier in the month, but due to snow, it was changed to the 14th. He was performing at a beautiful theater in Colonial Williamsburg. We got there early for rehearsal, dropped Alex off, and Mike and I went off to find a parking space. As we walked to the theater, Mike steered me towards a candy shop. I told him that wasn't the theater and he told me to just go in. It is no secret that I'm addicted to chocolate, so I normally stay away from candy stores. I had never been in this one, even though we have lived here for ten years. It was delightful! I was told I could pick anything I wanted. I sent straight for the sale racks, as all Valentine's stuff was on sale for 30% off. It looked good, but not great. Then I saw the fresh candy counters and found my favorite of all favorites, creams!!!! I asked the girl if the orange creams had any hard pieces in them, which I don't usually like, and she offered me one to taste. It was absolutely delicious! Almost as good as Fannie May. I ended up getting a pound of orange, vanilla, chocolate and raspberry creams. They are so yummy! Mikey got some chocolate covered cashews that were on a bogo sale and we headed over to the theater.

Alex's performance was great and he got a lot of compliments from his instructor and the audience. I am hoping to post a video of it, but I'm waiting for Jack to get it off the video camera for me. Hint, hint!

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