Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Getting ready for California!

I'm busy packing and preparing the house for my trip. I can't wait to leave! Not that I want to get away from the kids (I really don't), but I am so looking forward to being in California again. I love to spend time with Mikey and spending it in my favorite place is even better!

I'm not going to stress myself with doing a bunch of cooking before I leave. I feel a bit guilty about that, but Janine will be here to help. Also, Hannah told me that part of the fun when I went to Las Vegas last January was all of the kids pitching in to cook dinners. CUP was supposed to do the cooking, but he told the kids they had to do it! That worked out, though, because they had a great time. I called at one point and they were all working together to make grilled cheese, which they claimed was better than mine! Now my plan is to go grocery shopping and get them the supplies they will need to make some simple meals themselves.

I'm off to finish making the hummingbird food for when I'm gone. I will miss those birds!

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