Monday, July 27, 2009

Hannah's room

We spent the weekend cleaning Hannah's room out. She is getting a full make-over, just like Alex and Shauna did. I am bound and determined that her make-over will take less than six months to a year to complete! Hannah and I cleaned the room on Saturday and Mike took out most of the carpet on Sunday. Then I went back in (with Hannah popping in and out to help) and tackled the closet. That was the worst part because although she had kept the room fairly neat, her cleaning usually consisted of shoving everything into the closet. Hannah is going into 7th grade and I found a bunch of 5th grade stuff, including a petrified school lunch! Let's just say that I took many bags of trash out and leave it at that!

Hopefully, we can start some of the priming this week, while Mike is at work. We already bought the paint and I love the colors. She is going to have most of the room a lightish lime green, with one wall a medium turquoise. I'm sure it will be very pretty once it is done. Her new comforter has bright, colorful stripes, with the wall colors as well as pinks and purples and yellows.

There is so much to be done in this house. It is really overwhelming sometimes!

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