Thursday, July 30, 2009

Hotel Cinderella--The Encore!

I didn't want to blog about this until we had all the logistics worked out, but we are going to be going on a beach vacation, thanks to Nick, Denise, and Nick's parents! Nick's parents own a home on the seashore and Nick and Denise invited us, and another family we all know, to spend some time with them at the beach. My kids are beyond excited! We are very grateful to Nick's parents, who have never even met us, for letting us stay at their place. We are also grateful to Nick and Denise for putting up with us!

We leave in two weeks, so Denise and I are busy planning meals that we can make, freeze, and take with us. I'm going to start cooking right away, instead of leaving it all until the last minute, like I did last time. :) Well, that is the plan, anyway, whether I achieve it is yet to be seen!

I can't wait for the fun to begin!


Firedancer717 said...

do you know which beach you're going to, like what its called?

theres like, sea isle city, ocean city, wildwood, long beach island etc :) let me know!

Denise said...

I'm excited, too! I was up late, looking for recipes. I keep telling myself that I WILL start cooking soon and not wait until the last minute!!