Thursday, July 16, 2009

Quickie Blog

I'm really tired, but don't want to get yelled at by "certain people" who shall remain nameless, so I'm going to do a quickie blog. I am really, really tired today, but feeling happy to be home. CUP has the stomach flu, ugh. I'm hoping no one else gets it.

I got to go to Alex's voice lesson today and I talked to his voice teacher. He is doing very well and his teacher is impressed with his attitude and the way he gives "1000%" whenever he is asked to try something new. I was amazed at how much he learned and improved, just over the course of the half hour lesson. His teacher really knows what he is doing.

Hannah went to a friend's house for the day (as usual, since she can't stand being home for even two minutes!). I spent much of the day just talking with the remaining kids, especially Alex and Shauna. I told them all about California and they all (except for CUP) really want to go with me next time. That will be quite a feat to pull off. Mike will have to travel everyday for two years to get enough frequent flyer miles for all of us to fly for free! We had a good time catching up.

We watched home videos from when the kids were little. They were so cute! We watched one from 9 years ago, just before we moved to VA. We had a birthday party for Steven at our old roller rink. They made fun of my skating ability, or should I say lack thereof, and of my haircut. Shauna kept saying that she can't believe that 9 years later, I still have the exact same haircut! They couldn't believe how skinny Mike was then. They were fascinated by how much nicer and more fun he was. I think we might have to make him watch it so he can remember what he was like before he got "cranky"!


Firedancer717 said...

i got to watch the roller rink one as well, everyone was so adorable, and i loved watching the home movies. ours are away where no one can watch them, plus we dont even have a vcr hooked up!

what do i do if "CUP" is already known to be cranky!? lol

Mom of 7 said...

They are so fun to watch, aren't they?

In answer to your CUP question, RUN!! LOL!
I don't know why he is so cranky already. He was the happiest, nicest kid I ever met. It is hard to believe he is so cranky now.