Thursday, July 30, 2009

A wet, weird weather day!

Yesterday was a really weird weather day. Shauna and I walked out of the house into super bright sunshine all around, but it was starting to rain. We drove about a mile and a half from home and Hannah called to complain that we had left without her. It was a misunderstanding because I thought she didn't want to go to Walmart with us. By this time, it was no longer sunny, the wind was blowing and the rain was coming down in sheets, making it difficult to even see the road. When we got back to the house about 3 minutes later, to pick Hannah up, the rain had stopped and it was semi-sunny again. We headed back towards Walmart and the storm was back in full force! By the time we got close to Walmart (which is only 10 minutes from home), the streets were completely dry and it was hot and sunny!

We only had an hour to shop, so we rushed around the store. As we were finishing up the last aisle, we could hear rain beating down on the roof of the store. When we got to the parking lot, it had stopped raining and was sunny. I commented on how lucky we were that we had missed the downpour. We had about 1/3 of our groceries loaded into the van, when in an instant, we were once again getting poured on. Apparently the storms were following us! We were drenched within a minute, so were the groceries, even inside the bags. We were laughing really hard, as we threw bags into the van, hoping we weren't crushing anything fragile. Water was dripping from my hair and burning my eyes so badly that I could barely see. We got into the van as quickly as we could and it was like a sauna in there. Ugh, being completely drenched and hopping into a hot van are not a good combination.

On a good note, the girls were a huge help in the store and we never could have finished shopping in time, if they hadn't helped out so much. When I would miss something, they would run back together and get it. They helped load the groceries on the belt and they put all the bags into the carts. The cashier even commented about how much help they were. Then she told us that we were the nicest family she had waited on all week!

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