Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Adventures in laundry

In today's laundry, I found two shirts that I have never seen before. No one knows where they came from, including me. Then, I find Drew's new underwear, pictured below. They are actually quite humerous. I guess this is what happens when you start letting them pick out their own boxers!

By the way, I have no clue why this is underlined and I can't fix it!


Firedancer717 said...

yes, i heard Jack took home my vegas shirt (i've never been to vegas) was this one of them?? lol

Mom of 7 said...

LOL! No, one was a red boy's polo, size XL (which no one wears) and the other is a South Pole shirt. I will keep an eye out for your Vegas shirt, though!

Mongoose said...

The pink elephants one is priceless. Where did he get it? I want the same for my imaginary boyfriend!

Mom of 7 said...

Mongoose, imaginary boyfriend! LOL!

Try T.J. Maxx, I bet I.B. would love them!