Friday, August 7, 2009

Out of the mouth of Steven

"You don't know anything about real life. I bet you would be pissed if you had to go out and work and only keep $30 a week and be broke for six days every week."--in response to having to give me money from his paycheck for HIS bills.

"You are going to make me lose my job because I won't have anywhere to stay and I won't be able to work."--In response to me telling him that he could not stay at our house while I am away, seeing as the last time I went away and trusted him to stay at home, he invited friends over (which was totally prohibited) and one of these lovely friends smashed all of my next door neighbor's outdoor lights. Steven paid for the lights and apologized and the neighbor still likes us, but I am still mad and will never trust him again.

"It isn't fair that just because YOU want to go on a vacation, so you can have your fun, I have to find somewhere else to stay. I don't have anywhere to stay so I will have to stay at a hotel and that will use up all my money from work, so I should be allowed to go with you on vacation and it would cost me the same amount of money."--In response to me telling him he could not go with us because he is disrespectful to me, and I am going on vacation to relieve stress, not bring it with me, and he will pick on the kids, plus he can't afford to miss 12 days of work.

"I don't give a "F" what you say, I'm going to break in while you're gone and stay here, no matter what you say. I will beat the "F'ing S." out of anyone (meaning Drew and CUP) who tries to stop me. I could beat the "S" out of both of them and don't think I won't."

After about an hour of this ranting and raging, and about a half hour of me completely ignoring him and not speaking at all, he kindly offered to make some sauce for me. Go figure! He made the sauce, following my recipe, politely asking me where to find the ingredients and then asking me to taste it to see if he did it right. I'm sure he was expecting a compliment on the delicious sauce, but I couldn't force myself to say anything more than, "It's fine". Shortly after that, he left to go to a friend's house, where he stayed the night, thank goodness.

Don't think I am mean because I won't let him go on vacation with us. He has been in a horrible mood for the last few weeks and being around him for even a few seconds is pure torture. He smokes constantly, so he stinks. He rarely washes his clothes (as evidenced by my shock over him doing so, yesterday!), although he has done much better with showering every day . If his clothes are dirty, he steals clothes from his brothers and then gets cigarette burns on them and sometimes they are left at a friend's house and never returned. When he is in his current mood, he picks on the kids constantly. I mean constantly! If I say, "Alex, you forgot to put your plate in the dishwasher.", Steven begins a rant, "Yeah, Alex, you never put anything away and you use Drew's cologne and you never clean up after yourself and you are gay and you never put your plate away and you didn't empty the dishwasher and in 1995 you stole a piece of my Christmas candy..." He will go on and on and most of what he says is nonsense. When he is done ranting about Alex, he will move on to someone else. Also, when he finishes a rant, it is never over, he will start up with it all over again a few minutes later. These are but a few of the many, many examples of why I don't want to bring Steven on vacation with us. Even while I'm away without him, I'm going to be stressed out by him because I will be worried sick that he will insist on staying at the house and he will follow through on breaking in and fighting with CUP and Drew.


Denise said...

Nick says not to worry because if he goes and beats up Drew and CUP, he'll get arrested and then he'll no longer have to worry about not having a place to stay!

seinman said...

Sounds like the first day you leave would be the perfect time to have someone change the locks. It'll take care of the Steven AND Drew problems in one fell swoop! And you won't even be here to deal with the bitching! Win win win.

Mom of 7 said...

Both good points. Steven isn't allowed to have a house key, so I won't need to change the locks for him. Also, I need Drew to be at the house at night, when you are at work, so I can't lock him out!

Anonymous said...

This is when we as parents call the local police station and explain the situation and ask them to do several drive bys and ARREST anyone that is not supposed to be there. We have been in a similar situation with oour teen and had to remove him from the home when he was 17. It took a while for him to be allowed back but it worked, it may be your only choice. Good luck Mom.

seinman said...

Janine comes four days after you leave, so just change the locks then. You only need Drew until she's there.