Monday, August 31, 2009

Peace and Benadryl

It is quiet and peaceful in my house. School starts next week and my kids have been staying up until all crazy hours, long after I'm asleep. Last week, Shauna even went with Janine to visit Jack at work when he took his 4:00 am break! So, we got some melatonin today and I gave them a dose of Benadryl and as far as I can tell, they are all asleep! Alex has his ninth grade orientation from 9-2 tomorrow, so he really needed to get to sleep early.

I felt really crappy this weekend and I am heading to bed myself, hoping for a better week than weekend!


Firedancer717 said...

I'm sorry I'm sorry! I asked permission from Jack! I felt bad telling her to go to sleep because I thought she was trying to hang out with me alone...i feel like i'm the cause of this! lol Hopefully everyone will get on a schedule, including me (this is at 3:13 am by the way)

Mom of 7 said...

Oh, don't worry, Janine! It wasn't your fault. She was staying up all night long before you came! She is a night owl anyway and just couldn't get to sleep this summer. She takes melatonin all winter, to get to sleep at a decent time, but wasn't taking it this summer.

She loved hanging around with you and it was much better for her than hanging around with Sponge Bob in the middle of the night!

Firedancer717 said...

That's good, I really miss hanging out with her...all the kids of course, but I felt like she and I really bonded, especially during my missing purse meltdown! lol