Friday, August 28, 2009

Duh of the day

"Please go get pads and Equate anti-diarrheal."--Me (to Alex and Hannah, at Walmart)

After being gone for a very long time:

"Alex made us look at pans for a really long time because he thought you said pans, not pads."--Hannah

"I couldn't find the anti-direl (sic) pans. Then Hannah told me you said pads."--Alex

"Yeah, but that was after we were looking at the pans for 5 or 6 minutes! Then I remembered that you said pads."--Hannah

"We saw one of the neighbors when we were looking at the pans. Good thing I didn't ask her if she knew which ones were the anti-direl ones!"--Alex

Ugh, these were the same two kids who had told me only minutes earlier that the gravy wasn't in the aisle that has the big gravy sign on it. When I pointed the gravy out, Alex said, "Oh, that's on the bottom shelf. We didn't look there." I can't wait to take those two shopping again!

***Edited to read pans, instead of pots!***

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