Saturday, August 8, 2009

Quote of the day

(When we get to the beach...) "Are we going to just park and go straight to the beach or do we have to unload everything?"--Shauna

Oh, how I wish we could just go straight to the beach! Loading and unloading are only second in highest vacation stress level to packing!


Mongoose said...

LOL Maybe this is a sign that you're packing too much stuff when you go to the beach?

Anonymous said...

AAAMEN ! but at the same time hahahahahaha boy can I identify !

Denise said...

Yeah, and wait until you see how many stairs you have to climb while unloading!!! Good thing you've got all those strong kids!

Denise said...

I also forgot to tell you that Alex can't come to the beach because, according to E, "Alex too big!"

Sorry, Alex!

Mom of 7 said...

Shhhh, don't tell them about the stairs, Denise. They won't come with!

Alex will be so disappointed that he is too big to go to the beach!