Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"I have asthma"

Hannah, Alex and I were talking. Alex said that Hannah looked skinnier. I said that is because she isn't eating as much and she is going outside more and getting more exercise. Hannah blurts out, "I have asthma!" Alex and I burst out laughing. WHAT? She doesn't have asthma, not even close. So she tells us that they were doing the pacer in gym class and she could only do 27, then she had to stop. Her friend came up to her and said, "I had to stop, too, because I have asthma." Hannah said, "I have asthma, too!" and her friend high fived her.

Ugh, I'm not sure why she really stopped, most likely because her friends were stopping, but I know she doesn't have asthma. She is a very fast runner, with tons of stamina, but she doesn't want to stand out, so she will watch what her friends are doing and copy them.

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Firedancer717 said...

I almost want to say, I have asthma! but then i realize, its not something to brag about!! lol