Sunday, April 5, 2009

Steven's finger

Well, it doesn't look too good for avoiding surgery on Steven's finger. It is swollen and painful again and this time the swelling has spread to the palm of his hand, as well. That is something the doctor said wouldn't be good. He called this morning and the surgeon on call told him to go to the ER, but we didn't take him. The only thing they would do (as they have both other times we took him on a weekend) is tell him to start taking the antibiotics again and see the surgeon on Monday. His insurance ran out on the 31st of March and won't be in effect again until tomorrow, when he signs up for school. They insurance company told me they would probably cover the week between, but they won't guarantee it, so we can't take that chance. He had a refill for his antibiotics, so he going to take those for now, until we can get him in to see the doctor tomorrow or the next day.

I'm really upset about this because he is going to miss a lot of work and he already has a lot of bills, including the medical bills that are already piling up. He owes us quite a bit for the car payments we had to cover because he just didn't have it. I can't even imagine how much the surgery is going to cost. Steven plans to call a lawyer on Monday to see if he can get any help with the bills from the dogs owner. Apparently, he asked the guy he is renting from to help pay for the hospital bills or take some money off his rent and that guy told him there was nothing he could do because the dog belongs to his girlfriend's ex-boyfriend and they are just caring for it because he can't have it where he lives.


Anonymous said...

Hey - if that dog is in their possession - it is their responsibility! Who cares who the legal owner is - who was supposed to be watching the dog to keep it from biting people? They should help pay, and I would definitely contact an attorney. There are a lot of attorneys out there who won't charge you anything till you win the case, then take a percentage of what you are awarded.

Miz Kizzle said...

Your son should talk to a personal injury lawyer. A consultation costs nothing and there are cases that can be used as a precedent to show that your son's landlord became responsible for the dog by agreeing to take care of it. I think he would have much to gain and nothing to lose by looking into it.