Thursday, April 2, 2009

Worst dinner guests ever

Today Steven and his friend, Will, came over to pick up the last of Steven's furniture. Steven had already asked if he could come over for dinner because he was off work. The girls have been dying to spend some time with him, so I changed my plans so that I could stay home and cook. Will asked me when I was going to make brownies again, so I told him I would make them today and I invited him for dinner, too.

I made the brownies, regular and cream cheese swirl, and made Steven's favorite dinner, sweet and sour hot dogs. Well, Steven came over without Will, saying Will would be over later. About a half hour before dinner, I told Steven to call Will and get him over here. He called and, apparently, Will wouldn't be able to make it after all. When dinner was ready, Steven tells me that he just wants to take his home because he isn't hungry! Ugh, see what I mean about the worst dinner guests every? One doesn't show up and the other doesn't want to eat!

I wasn't angry, I actually thought it was a little funny and I'm used to things not going exactly as planned, so it didn't throw me off. The girls had a good time with Steven and so did Luke. The two boys played hockey in the driveway for quite a while. It was funny when Steven first came over because Luke, Hannah and Shauna all had so much to tell him, they kept all talking at the same time. I felt like a traffic cop, holding my hands up to two to be quiet while the third talked and then switching back and forth while this went on for quite some time!

When I took Steven home, Will was pulling in at the same time, so I got to "yell" at him for not showing up to dinner. He said he got "stuck" at his girl's house, but would make it up to me by coming over this weekend to help with yard work. We'll see how that turns out! Steven claims he will come one day to help, also, but I'm pretty sure I won't hold my breath.


Linda B. said...

I think that's probably a skill we all learn with our kids. Just roll with it. You can't fight it! I'm glad it was overall a good day though.

Denise said...

So, did they come over and do yardwork today?

Hey, that reminds me...did CUP ever wash the kitchen floor??? If not, it probably looks like mine. Nick went to an auction at Nate's school today and I told him to bid on a house cleaning gift certificate. Instead, he came home with a mop and two hams!!