Thursday, April 30, 2009

Minus one kid

Steven went to work with Mike this week. He called me today and told me about all his adventures in DC/Northern VA. He went fishing in the pond behind Mike's work. He was excited to find a new fishing pole for only $10, as well as a tackle box filled with tackle for only $10. He couldn't find our tackle box when he left. I forgot to ask him if he caught any fish!

Mike had a meeting in DC yesterday, so Steven went along. He went to several museums. I think he said the Museum of Natural History (maybe!) and for sure the Air and Space Museum. He also walked around DC, to the Washington Monument and the White House. He said the White House was particularly interesting because he thinks the President was coming home. He said three huge helicopters came, two hovered while the third landed. He also said the place was crawling with extra security and the snipers on the roof were all very visible. I wish we had all been there to see that, it would have been pretty cool.

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