Thursday, April 23, 2009

Steven's hand update

We went back to the surgeon today and they took out Steven's stitches. It was pretty painful, unfortunately. Luckily, the nurse was pretty quick, taking out 22 stitches in only about 5 minutes. The doctor said he actually has less swelling than would be considered normal two weeks after surgery. He also said that his range of motion is better than would be considered normal, so it was all good news. He also confirmed that the dog had not nipped the tendons, so he can expect that he will eventually have a complete recovery. Thank God, since he will need full range of motion for his culinary career! The doctor advised him to keep working hard on the physical therapy and continue frequent visits with the infectious disease doctor. He needs a follow up appointment with the surgeon in 6 weeks.


Lking said...

glad the news was good, considering how it could have gone.
Tell him to hang in there, this too shall pass!

Denise said...

How long will he have to keep seeing the infectious disease doctor? I'm glad the tendons weren't involved!

So, did you ever get him enrolled in school? I know you were having a tough time with it, but I can't remember if you ever said whether or not you actually enrolled him!