Tuesday, April 28, 2009

More garden photos

Sorry, boring, I know, but this is my official garden record.

Last night I planted 26 bare root strawberry plants. That was 22 hours ago and almost all of them already have fresh growth on them! That is what I love about bare root plants, they are cheap and they generally take off right away. I planted some in the new fruit beds and some in the larger garden, where the stepping stones now made planting in the middle possible. I'm not sure how harvesting will go, though, it is pretty hard to stand on those stones and bend down and keep your balance at the same time. I figured that out last night as I was planting the strawberries! It was quite an effort.

The two new fruit beds, now planted with Cantaloupe, Watermelon, and Strawberries. Trellis' are next.

That darn garden thief has struck again! This time it chewed almost all of Roma tomato plant #2. Ugh! I tried putting some pieces of wood along the bottom of the fence. I'm sure that won't be a perfect fix, but should hold it until Mike can figure out something more efficient. He already stapled mesh fencing to the picket fence, but they are pushing it up and getting in underneath. I think we might have to secure some more mesh along the top of the garden floor, as well.

UPDATE: It wasn't a Roma tomato plant, after all, it was one of the heirloom plants! I'm extra upset about that because I was already wishing I had bought more and they are much harder to come by than the Romas.

This is my make-shift dog keeper outer thingee! We didn't have enough fencing left to fence off the new beds and Wrigley just runs right through them, so Mike used what was left and attached it to the downspout and wheelbarrow. I added the toy slide when Wrigley decided to try to fit himself under the wheelbarrow!

The holly bush, azaleas and daisies on the side of the house. These are just on the other side of the fence from the new fruit beds.


jen said...

No, not boring... I want to see how other gardens are doing. Your wooden boxes totally rock! I was told that I should bury my fence in 3-6 inches but I just did not feel I had the time to do it. Hope I do not regret that decision.

Mom of 7 said...

Wow, 3-6 inches? That would have taken forever with your huge garden! I like seeing other gardens, too. I have gotten lots of good ideas for mine from other blogs. Do you have a compost pile? I found a great blog that has a good explanation and easy instructions to make one. If you would like me to send it to you, let me know. Even if you already have one, the blog is worth reading because they have a floating garden that is so cool!