Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Something fishy going on in my garden

I went out to check the garden today, to see if the storms yesterday had done any damage. I was happy to see that 3 more zucchini plants had sprouted since yesterday. I was shocked and horrified to see that one of my newly planted Roma tomato plants was missing! Yes, missing, not chewed on, not pulled out of the ground and lying next to the garden, but completely missing. Not a trace of it remains. The tomato cage is completely intact and there is a small round hole where the plant used to be. What the heck? I got a sweet deal on those Roma tomatoes, too. They were on a one day only, buy one get one free promotion. It is bad enough if the plant that was stolen was a free one, but if it is one I paid for, I am going to be really mad!

I don't have much experience with gardens, but don't animals usually just nibble on the plants, not kidnap them? The garden is fenced all the way around and I saw one spot where a rabbit or other small animal could have gotten in, I suppose. There were no animal prints or anything. I wonder if the Forensic Files producers would be interested in this case? I'm sending the kids out to get the mail so I can check it for ransom notes!

The evidence


Pumpkin Patch Quilter said...

Oh my goodness that's funny. LOL* Not so much I suppose though to wake up to a snatched up tomato plant! Could it be gophers or moles?

Jane Ellis said...

Funny! Not sure how that could have happened... I never had an animal chew a small tomato plant like that. Basil or Parsley are favorites of my local rabbit thieves.. but not the tomatoes.

Also.. if you are interested in my 2cents, I highly recommend The Tomato Stake for supporting your plants.
Much easier than cages or other products... Ive been using for a few years now and love them!

jen said...

Oh no!! That would make me so dang mad I would have to sleep out there!!!!