Sunday, April 5, 2009

Yard Work/Gardening Update

We have gotten some things accomplished over the last few days. Shauna and I planted vegetable seeds yesterday, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, zucchini, and lettuce. Mike worked on getting some trees cut down and I cut down some small ones. We are trying to clear out a patch so we can put in some blueberry bushes. Mike also tackled the beds around the sun room in the back of the house. Many years ago, I had planted some climbing rose bushes there and they had gone completely wild! We usually give them a little trim and tie them up each year, but last year, when I was bedridden with the torn hamstring, we didn't do it. I would have to estimate that most of the branches on them were 20 feet long. Some had actually rooted themselves to the ground and produced about 8 new plants. One had also grown into one of the attic vents and grown out the other side! Mike left part of one of the bushes because there is a bird nest in it that might be active. We are also leaving one of the climbing roses bushes because that one has no thorns and beautiful fuchsia flowers with a wonderful scent.

On Friday, we ended up doing some stuff in the front and side yards. I trimmed the bushes while Shauna and Luke (and Steven, a little) cleaned up the trimmings and hauled them up the hill to the backyard, where they dumped them deep in the woods. Mike took out some older rose bushes for me and Shauna took off all the dead growth from the daisy bed.

Today we plan to continue with the tree clearing. Luckily most of the area we are trying to clear just has small holly trees, although we have two oaks that are not doing well and need to be taken down by a professional. I'm pretty sure the budget won't allow that, so we just have to pray that they don't come down on the house in a storm!

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Denise said...

I'm officially jealous. That's all I'm saying!

We had a couple of trees taken down really inexpensively. Nick spotted a truck in the neighborhood doing work, and he just walked over and asked them if they'd take our trees down, too. They were happy to do it since they were already here with all of their equipment. We did the same thing when we first moved here, so I guess most companies will work with you like that. It's just a matter of asking...which we both know *I* would never do!