Saturday, June 21, 2008

Alton Brown's Macaroni and Cheese

I made the stove top macaroni and cheese that Alton Brown made on Good Eats. It was yummy! Of course, I skipped the hot sauce and dry mustard because I had no dry mustard and I don't like hot sauce. Next time I will omit the salt because even though I cut it in half, it was still a bit salty tasting. I will also only use 4 1/2 cups of cheese because I used 6 and although it was delicious, I don't think less cheese will make a noticeable difference, but it will cut the fat by quite a bit. I also used Barilla Plus macaroni, which I love because it tastes great and is super nutritious! I would definitely make this again, as it is much healthier than the Kraft boxed stuff. It is also a lot more expensive, though! This is still a relatively cheap meal and would be great on swim meet nights, when the kids need lots of extra protein and carbs.

Here is the recipe I will use next time:

1 pound macaroni (14.5 ounce Barilla Plus Elbows)
6 T butter
4 eggs
12 ounces milk
pepper to taste
4 1/2 cups cheese (I used Fiesta Blend from Walmart)
A tablespoon or two of cornstarch, dissolved in a little cold water (I didn't use any this time and the cheese sauce was just slightly thinner than we like it.)

Boil elbow macaroni and drain. Pour it back into the pot and add the butter, mix to melt.

Whisk together eggs, milk, and pepper. Stir mixture into the pasta and add the cheese. Continue stirring over low heat to melt the cheese. This only takes about 3 or 4 minutes. I used fancy cut cheese, which is thinner and it melted very quickly and easily.

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