Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Steven and Luke's team had their play-off games for the first half of the summer season. They were missing their top scorer because he went to a Pearl Jam concert, but they won the first game, anyway. Steven and Luke played great and had a really awesome play, where they skated down together, passing the puck back and forth the whole time. It was so pretty.

They also managed to get a goal for an older guy who is on their team that isn't such a great player. He is a really nice guy and they have been trying to set him up for a goal all season and it finally worked tonight. Steven passed it to him.

The first game was against a team that is sort of their rival team, so they were really happy to win. Tensions were running high during the game and it was getting a little dangerous, so I'm just glad no one got hurt. There were quite a few temper tantrums and penalties, but that is par for the course. I've been keeping score for the adult league for so long now that the tantrums don't even bother me anymore!

Only a few kids showed up for the youth league, so I was able to spend a lot of time talking to the mom of one of the players. She thinks he has Asperger's so we had plenty to discuss. It was nice to talk to an adult!

Hannah brought her friend, Alexus, to the rink and they behaved really well. They hung around with Cory the whole night, so I was expecting some trouble, but there was none at all. Yay!

I almost forgot to say that they lost the championship game by only 1 point! That's okay, though, their team has already won the championship a couple of times and the team that won is a good team, with mostly nice guys on it.

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