Sunday, June 15, 2008

Father's Day and other stuff

Happy Father's Day, Mikey! So far, it hasn't been the greatest, no breakfast in bed (the other kids were sleeping when he woke up and Shauna and I were out planting), no gifts.

We still have to go shopping for his gifts because when we tried to go on Friday, it was discovered that my keys have gone missing. It was very odd because although I am famous for misplacing my keys, I know that when I got home from taking Hannah to her doctor appointment, I left them with my purse, on the couch. No one borrowed them for anything and they were gone a couple of hours later.

I may be wrong, but I am suspecting Steven might have had something to do with this. I noticed the keys were missing right after I gave him his new contract that I told him he had to agree to follow and sign or he had to move out. He was very angry (surprise, surprise). I am afraid he might have taken the keys as revenge. It isn't unlike him to steal keys so he can sneak out with our cars in the middle of the night. The card Hannah got from Gramma with $20 in it, for her 5th grade graduation is also missing from my purse. What a coincidence that Steven told Jack he had $20 to buy beer the other day, hmmmmmm...... Two of our WII controllers are also missing and Steven told Jack he was selling things from his room that he doesn't need, such as cables and splitters to get beer and pot money. I wonder if he considers the WII controllers cables or splitters???? Of course, Steven denied this and called Jack a b**ch for snitching on him.

Even when you get to the point that you KNOW your child needs to move on and out of your house, it is so hard to do. I know that at just turned 18 and very immature, Steven is nowhere near ready to move out on his own. He has no job, no car (well he has a car that isn't paid off yet and now needs a new transmission so he can't drive it) and no where to go. The no job thing is his own fault, the car thing was just really bad luck. It is past time for him to move out, though. He keeps stealing from us, refuses to take his medication, refuses to help out around the house at all, complains when we "don't have any good food", picks on his siblings, screams at me and is very disrespectful, etc. Even though I have had all I can take from him, I am still so sad and terrified about forcing him to be on his own. The thought of one of my babies being homeless and hungry is horrifying. I am also afraid that he will go into a rage, since he hasn't taken his meds in months, once he is kicked out for good. I think I am going to be forced to get the police involved, which I absolutely hate.

Steven's class graduated yesterday (he got his GED over a year ago). How sad is it that Steven was unable to stay in school and graduate with them because his medical (hence behavioral) issues were too severe? How sad is it that so many people mistakenly think that substance abuse problems and mental health issues are the result of poor parenting?

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