Friday, June 20, 2008

First Swim Meet for 2008

Alex, Hannah and Shauna had their first swim meet last night.  It was only a friendly, with First Colony, who is a division above ours.  We lost the meet and Shauna couldn't swim because she had an ear infection, but Hannah and Alex did really well.

Alex normally swims in exhibition, which means there are other swimmers that are faster than him and they swim for points and he does not.  Well, he swam exhibition last night, but won first place in all 3 of his events!  That means that he might get to swim for points this season, which is a big step up.  He has been jogging and he attributes that to his shorter times.  I am so proud of him for working so hard.

Hannah had a bad stomach ache yesterday, not sure if it was a regular stomach ache, cramps or a side effect of the Abilify she started taking last week.  She still swam, even though she was in quite a bit of pain.  She swam for points (as always!) and got first place in free style, fourth place in breast, disqualified in fly because she touched the bottom (she knew she would have to because fly requires much use of the stomach muscles and she knew she wouldn't be able to do it, but she had to swim anyway) and first place in an exhibition relay.  I was really proud of her for sticking with it and swimming, even though she felt so badly.

I kept score for the second half of the meet, which I really like doing, so overall it was a good meet.  The best part were the cool temperatures.  If only all the meets could be like that.  Our next meet is next Monday and Mike will be home to see it, so that is good.

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