Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Doctors and Lawyers

I had to take Shauna to the doctor today for an ear ache. She has swimmers ear. Hmmm, surprisingly none of my kids has ever had this before. She has her first swim meet tomorrow night and won't be able to swim in it. She doesn't mind, though, she hates the meets anyway. She likes the meet, just doesn't like to compete in them, she gets too nervous. Being the mean mom that I am, I make her do it anyway because I think she needs to come out of her comfort zone once in a while and do things that she isn't comfortable with.

I went with Steven to see his lawyer about his contributing charges. I read all the police reports and even though I was pretty sure he did what they accused him of, it is obvious from the reports and statements that he didn't. The charges might even be dropped before court next week, which would be great. If he did it, I would want him to pay the price, even if that price was jail, but I don't want to see him convicted for something he hasn't done. I just wish he would start taking his bipolar meds again. He struggles with life enough when he is taking the meds.

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