Sunday, March 8, 2009

ER visit #2

Not only did we set a record in the ER yesterday, we set another today. This time it was for the most ER visits in the fewest hours. Yup, two in twelve hours, lucky us.

This time the injuree was Steven. I guess, officially, he would be the re-injuree. His dog bite finger started to swell and become very painful. The gave him another x-ray, to check for foreign objects, such as dog teeth. The x-ray appeared clear. They said it is possible that another infection is brewing and the swelling and pain are the first sign. There is no redness, which means it was caught very early. They wanted him to go see the last hand surgeon that he went to, but I told them he was a jerk and they said he could go see Drew's surgeon. I wish I knew that was an option the first time. They made me go all the way to Newport News when I could have stayed right in Williamsburg and had a doctor who is awesome and not a jerk. Ugh. They said he may need surgery to cut out the damaged or infected tissue. Yuck. That would suck because he already has a really bad scar and now he will have two. He is now on another anti-biotic.

When we were talking about going to the ER, I told Steven that since it was his middle finger, we better go right away so he doesn't lose it. After all, he needs that finger for swearing! In Steven's case, I'm not just joking about that!!

Now I'm off to buy some hair, as Shauna is getting hers braided tonight. I love her hair braided, but I so hate taking it out. I spent about an hour on Friday night and many hours yesterday, getting it all taken out, washed and combed out. I don't know how mothers of multiple AA girls do it! I have spend so much time on just two, I can't figure out what I would do if I had more.

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