Monday, March 9, 2009

More yearbook pictures

Jessica, 3rd grade, 1993

Jamie, 2nd grade, 1993

Drew, 2nd grade, 1993

Jack, 4th grade, 1993

I think I've said before that I had three foster children that I wish I could have adopted. Ryan (Johnny) is one of them and Jessica and Jamie are the other two. I am now in touch with Jessica, via Facebook. She and Jamie are doing well and Jamie has two beautiful baby boys! This was scanned from Jack's yearbook, but I remember that Jessica had circled several people with a pencil. She circled Jack, Drew, herself and the boy she had a crush on, it was so cute! I'm not sure why she didn't circle Jamie, she must have been mad at her! I love the glasses in these early '90's photos.

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